#BernNCourtDoItalia - October 2016

Courtney and I are headed to Italy very soon! We are very excited and look forward to partying a little, being cleansed of those sins at The Vatican and getting an underground tour of the Colesseum in Rome. Though a mostly-straight twosome, we'll enjoy a romantic gondola ride in Venice. We will visit David and Michaelangelo in Florence and shop our brains out in Milan. We foresee a lot of wine and pasta and 'Ciao, Bello's' in our future.

This will be our third trip together since we met in September. We have done Vegas, will have gone to Paso Robles for my birthday and then Italy. 

Courtney and I are both in the food and beverage industry, love to party, enjoy fashion and shoes, all beverages, delicious food, trying new things, working out and can make friends anywhere because we're both outgoing and hilarious. We look forward to meeting new people.

With that said, follow us via social media and our hashtag '#BernNCourtDoItalia'

If you would like us to visit your establishment, please email me! I will be blogging and adding pics and videos to my Instagram Stories and/or Snapchat.

Here are a few pics of our adventures:


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