Beer Log - August 2016

To go hand in hand with this month's blogging goals and continue from other Beer logs (April 2016), here are beers I have tasted in the month of August. These should also be logged in via Untappd. Let's be friends!

Moylan's Irish Stout
Out of Novato, Ca. 

National IPA Day
Spent it at DW in San Francisco, CA

Mike Hess Grapefruit Solis in The Pigeon cocktail at DW.

Longboard Island Lager
Kona Brewing Company

Had a couple of these with family at our family reunion in Fallbrook, CA. I remember sitting at the dining table and asked my sister to 'Show me your things' aka the bottle of beer so I can post it on Untappd and this blog of course. I have had Kona beers before, even had it at the Honolulu Airport.

Campfire Stout
High Water Brewing

August 10th was National S'mores Day. DW had a this beer on tap to celebrate. It's not what I expected but I partook of the day.

Wookey Jack
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

This is a favorite of our Brewer. He loves this beer. Finally tried it.

Castle Beach Kolsch
Santa Cruz Ale Works

For my nephew's 5th birthday, I joined the family at their cabin and went to The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. After a day of trying Deep Fried Oreos and Twinkies, riding the log ride and wrapping my Ariel towel around me when it started to get cold, we needed to pick up some food. We didn't want pizza and Italian sounded good for me. I found Cafe Mare on Yelp and directed Christy. We spot it across the street and it was so Bernadette. Nicely lit, it looked a little fancy and not for kids. After debating if we should actually get food there, we finally did and Christy and I with Arya, my 2-year-old niece went inside to place an order to go. While there, a really good looking guy from the kitchen came out twice to the bar area. Holy moly! Who was that?!? Auntie Bernie was distracted.

Food was going to take a bit and Christy and I decided to split a beer. We went with the Kolsch. I thought something light and flavorful would be best. Christy enjoyed it and almost convinced me to get another one. When our food arrived and the bill came, I asked our Bartender who the good lookin' fella was. "That would be Patrick. He's returning to Poland soon." I left my card asking him to come to San Francisco before he left. He texted me the next day. I'll leave the story at that. Point being, delicious beer, delicious-lookin' Pastry Chef.

Off Leash
Crux Fermentation Project

While in Boulder Creek, CA, Christy's neighbor came back from Oregon and brought her two beers for her to try, this Off Leash and the Apocalypse IPA (see below). This beer was pretty damn good. Christy agreed with me. Hey, Oregon, not bad!

Apocalypse IPA
10 Barrel Brewing Company

Off Leash > this IPA. Christy and I have the same taste. But nice to try another one from Oregon.

Big Swell IPA
Maui Brewing Company

Surprising my father in Maui, I decided to get him a bunch of balloons and tie it to a six pack of his favorite beer, the Bikini Blonde, by Maui Brewing Company. I bought him a bouquet of balloons and a few gladiolus flowers. I asked them where I could pick up some beer and the ladies directed me to Long's. They didn't have many local beers but they did have the Bikini Blonde and only one 6-pack left. I picked it up! I also picked up a 6-pack of the IPA.

The surprise went really well and he was happy that I was there. We went to Pi Artisan Pizzeria and they had both of these beers on Happy Hour. I had the Big Swell IPA and it was tasty. It was great to be with family, have a beer in my hand, delicious food and a view of the water and neighboring island. And as I write this, I cracked open up a can and hung out at the house while watching the Olympics.

Eeh Pah IPA
Waikiki Brewing Company

My father and stepmom have their spots on Maui. We went to Kaanapali Grille and Tap Room for Happy Hour. It was on a Marriott property and another terrible view of the ocean. Yes, that was sarcasm. My father had the blonde and I had the IPA. Shocker. It was pretty good and helped cool us off on a warm day.

Which of these beers have you had? 
Have you been to any of these places?


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