National IPA Day 2016

There seems to be a National Day for a bit of everything, isn't there? Yesterday, August 4th, was National IPA Day. I'm a new beer fan and have grown very fond of this kind of beer. Though slacking a bit on this #MyNextLevel challenge, I partook of the day especially since beer is basically my current month's blogging goal. In doing so, I got this badge on Untappd.

Along with this badge, I also received a level up of the Wheel of Styles and Hopp'd Up badges. I do like to try a variety of different styles to see what I like. And as mentioned, I am a new lover of IPAs. I like hops. Where my friend, Erika, is the opposite. People like different things and it's ok. There's a market for everything. She likes her gin and tonics.

I went with a flight of tastes, not a whole pour. With 52 beers on tap, we have quite a few IPAs to choose from. I selected the Georgetown Brewing, Mike Hess Brewing, Marin Brewing Company and Social Kitchen & Brewery.  My bartenders at DW tried to get Erika to try the Mike Hess Grapefruit that is used in our newest beer cocktail, The Pigeon. She wasn't sold. I think she hasn't found the right one yet. It's out there and breweries are producing new beers all the time.

With the beers, I tried our new Happy Hour and Late Night menu items - a lamb belly slider and truffle fries. Bye bye, Diet...for the day.

Lamb Belly Slider & Parmesan Truffle Fries
I watched Brewing in Brooklyn via Amazon Prime Video. It's nice to know that the town had a brewery on every corner. Once prohibition hit, that changed. Nowadays, breweries are popping back up. I can't say I've had a beer from New York that I know of. But I will now be on the look out. Perhaps  I'm a bit biased, but I feel I need to know what's in my own backyard so I usually pick beers made by local breweries. I do have to go back to New York. It's been maybe 8 years and I only had six hours in Manhattan. Not enough time.

Well, cheers! Hope you had a great beer in hand on IPA Day.


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