Taylor Mountain & 3rd Street Aleworks

It seemed like it was Friendship Week recently. Nikki B. and I have been friends for some time now. I thank my Aunt for connecting us as I need someone hardworking and reliable for a big wedding I was planning. Since then, we've made it a point to see each other at least once a quarter and a list of things to do in my area, the East Bay, and in her's, the North Bay. We've covered a lot and I look forward to making talks of traveling together become a reality.

This visit to Rohnert Park was to see her new house which has the opportunity to make her and her boyfriend some rental income. Oh yes, it definitely helps! I got a full tour and how lucky for them to have a yard for their dog, Whiskey, and Bevo to play in. Bevo has condo living down but it would have been nice to have a yard for him. Score, Whiskey!

We then hopped in her new ride with the pups and headed to Taylor Mountain for a hike. I woke up late and was tardy by an hour. By then, the sun was beating down and Bevo had a tough time. He needed many breaks and lots of water. Normally he won't drink out of a bowl that isn't his. Either he is completely out of shape or it was just too hot. We didn't go very far but I agree, it was hot. How cool that you hike by cows and horses also walking the trail. I guess I need to make sure Bevo gets more exercise. He'll be seven this year. He still acts like a puppy.

After every hike, I always crave a beer. Third Street Aleworks was doggie friendly and we sat outside. Other guests came by and asked to pet our furbabies and they loved it. We ordered the flight of 'all the beer' as my Brewer would say. The flight arrived on a long wooden board with circular placeholders for each. My favorite was the oatmeal stout and the Oh Snap! Sour Red.

Nikki had the very stuffed fish tacos and I indulged with the bacon and blue cheese burger with garlic fries and a side salad. I enjoyed their mustard seed vinaigrette dressing and the burger was delicious.  It is exactly how I like my burgers and its been a long time since I've had one. The garlic fries were tasty too but nothing compares to Gordon Biersch's. I also tried McDonald's Gilroy Garlic fries but they are too soggy. Their original fries are perfect as the are. Thanks for offering something different, McD's, but I'd stick with the OG. 

Whiskey, being the Wine Country dog that he is, had a blueberry over a cookie, as if it were cheese and charcuterie on a cracker. Too cute and so well-trained. He was a rescue and Nikki says he has come a long way. Consider rescuing your next four-legged addition to the family.

It was a good day up North with wonderful company. 


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