Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

Three times here and always a good time. The first time was having a birthday luncheon out on the patio with Bevo after a long walk on the beach. The second time was after hiking Purisima Trail with friends. And this last time was with my sister for her birthday weekend. 

What should we get? 


My friend John of Mujicians Brewing Company always gets all the beer at a brewery to try them all! Why choose just three? Why choose beers you think you'll like? Tasting beer is just as fun as wine tasting. With so many breweries popping up, I assure you, they're not all Bud Lights (thank God). Some won't taste like you think they would. I enjoy being shocked with a unique scent and an unexpected flavor or color. I am no expert on the topic but I can tell you you'll have fun if you get 'All The Beer!'

I told Nelson that this should be addition to his food truck.

My sister, Melyssa, has never experienced this and we received a tray of all the local beers on tap. The Filipino in her thought we had to finish them all. Nope, just finish what you like. We took beer menu, wrote down what we thought we tasted and put in order which were our favorites.

The results:
Our favorite - HMB's Apricot & Passion Fruit Belgian Blonde. 5.5% ABV. 20 IBU.

Melyssa's #2 - HMB's Kolsch. 5.1% ABV. 21 IBU.
My #2 - HMB's Calf-eine Coffee Milk Stout. 7% ABV. 23 IBU.

Melyssa's #3 - HMB's Calf-eine Coffee Milk Stout. 7% ABV. 23 IBU.
My #3 - HMB's Daily Ritual Coffee Blonde. 5% ABV. 16 IBUs. Because it was soooo weird!

Other notes were that the Honey Ale was like nothing. It was the Bud Light on the tray. The Honk If You're Heffy from El Granada, CA was 5.4% ABV and a Bavarian wheat beer. It smelled of rotting oranges and the finish was not pleasing. Sorry, Honky beer on the tray.

My sister ended up going with a pint of our favorite, the fruity Belgian Blonde. Sadly, she couldn't finish it and I did. It's good!

Frank, our Server, was awesome and attentive. He also delivered a pretzel with melted cheese, two crab sandwiches and  my Jameson just like I like it.

After the flight of beer, I wanted a picture in my Kauai Island Brewing Company sweatshirt near their sign. Clearly, the beer and whiskey has kicked in. 

Take 2


Cheers! And remember, order ALL THE BEER!


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