#StillInIt 2017 - Week 8

Week 8 of 8 of the Bodybuilding.com's fitness challenge with Dymatize. Again, I made very little progress. I stopped drinking with the exception of maybe three days, I switched up my workouts and made it a point to get up early to make it happen and I feel like I ate better. But still, not that much progress. What's up with that? Frustrating.

Abs, Back & Cardio

Arms & Cardio

I started a new part time job and I had to drive into work. I would get up at the same time but I didn't hit the gym.

Being tired from working a double on Thursday, I took the day off. I had planned to take After pics the next morning.

Abs, Legs and Cardio
With After pics not showing any progress, I pushed even farther at the gym. It felt good.

Chest and Cardio
I felt those booty moves from the day before and felt I deserved a fun evening with a friend.


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