Venice, Italy - Part of Day 1

What a day! We landed much more smoothly in Venice than we did in JFk, New York. I was so excited to get my first stamp in my passport. I look at it afterwards and the stamp is faint. I feel cheated. Then off to go get our bags and meet Celebrity to catch our boat.

"It's a ship, Daddy!" (Titanic movie reference).

Taking a bus to our boat and passing the local little communities and massive bodies of water was amazing to see. I couldn't believe I was in a place I have been wanting to go in at least 10 years. I couldn't wait to explore. But first we had to board the ship. It feels like forever since I've showered. All the oiliness was covered by my Stella & Dot cap that now has to be washed. We get to the terminal and are greeted by a Celebrity employee. She hands us paperwork and tells us to take a seat and wait for our level to be called.

Ron and I continued our Scrabble game and Ron enjoyed the cute, thin, young employees dressed all in black and with an accent. After awhile, I noticed that other people that arrived before us were not asked to sit down. So I asked when we were able to check-in. She says now but that we can wait until it slows down. Dude! We've been waiting an hour to hear our level called. I bypassed her and got a second opinion. We checked in. Thanks, Chick, for wasting our time.

We were about to get on the ship and the guy from Montreal noticed my carry-on bag with my Los Lonely boys badge and said they were in Montreal a bit ago. I love that I can jog memories of their performance.

And then we board our home for the the next 13 days.



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