It's Fun to Get Fit

Really! It is fun to get fit. Tomorrow kicks off the first day of my FOURTH #250KChallenge by It's a 12-week transformation challenge for prizes. For instance, one male and one female will could each win $100,000, plus other opportunities to win. I am happy to have quite a few friends doing it with me this year! Or so they say they are...

Shout out to the below friends that have already posted their BEFORE photos on Bodyspace and where they're from:
Nikki - Rohnert Park, CA
Nelson - Oakland, CA
Lana - Fremont, CA

Though these friends may not officially post their pics in time to be in the running, I love having them as part of my Fit Fam that want to or already are fit and keep me motivated.
Christy - Pacifica, CA
Court Court - San Francisco, CA
Papichulo - Orlando, FL
Angela - Hayward, CA
Lynn - San Francisco, CA
Jo - San Francisco, CA
Tanya - San Leandro, CA
Ji-Young - Emeryville, CA
Cristen - San Francisco, CA
Maritza - San Jose, CA
Sherry - Oakland, CA
Kim - Hayward, CA

Of course there's the Bodyspace group of friends, but I have only met one in real life. And that's only because he goes to my gym, and sadly, I forgot his name. Don't tell him. I do try to befriend more females than males, as I'm always down to support other ladies. So if you're on there and you're a lady, send me a Friend Request (username: bappletree)! With my IRL friends, I have a Facebook group just for us. I post daily to send encouragement, create engagement and cheer them on. I also send post-work out Snaps and IG messages to friends as well to hopefully get them to make time for a work out. I did!

How do I have fun when I'm pushing my body and trying to lose weight and gain lean muscle? There are so many ways!

For one, you get to be social, be surrounded by people you like, support and motivate people that you care for with a goal for them to be healthy and spend more days on this earth enjoying life! OK, selfishly, yes, to spend some of that time with me.

Two - get pushy. But laugh.  I encouraged my neighbor, Kim, to go to the special Winter Olympics class they had at 24 Hour Fitness this past Saturday at 8 AM. We had to partner up to do moves that made us laugh so hard. For starters, I had to be in a plank position. Behind me, she had to grab my ankles and do squats. I was dying. It definitely made it challenging but it was so funny. Then we switched. Next, we were a human wheelbarrow. Oh man. When Court Court and I work out together, it's always hilarious. She always asks me why I hate her and she tells the camera during Snap videos that I'm not very nice. Her expressions are hilarious.

Three - take it outside with friends. Not to brawl but definitely set each other up with challenges. I made Court Court do a leg workout on the Spanish Steps in Rome, took friends hiking to waterfalls in Hawaii and try new fitness classes like Boxing-4-Health which had us run along Lake Merritt in Oakland and do drills on the stairs. I am also practicing hitting some golf balls at the driving range with my golf-loving friends. That's a work out too! Ooh, were my forearms sore the next day. FORE!!!!

Four - get creative with your food. There are so many blogs with recipes for having the food you love but a healthier version of it. Mmmm, donuts. I do enjoy cooking and baking but not as much as I do eating. I have a Pinterest (bappletree) board of recipes to try. Browse for healthy recipes on the app and you'll definitely find something new. Like waffles? Make protein waffles with greek yogurt and fruit on top. That's a mod of what my cousin does in Kauai for her two boys. So good!

Five - SHOPPING! Set weekly and final goals.  When they are reached, reward yourself! You can justify that cheat meal at the end of sweat-filled week or a pizza party at the end of the 12 weeks. You can justify buying yourself a new top or video game after a good work out week, or those sexy pair of shoes or new set of rims when you reach your final goal weight.

With that said, I should declare my goals:
Week 1 - Make it to a class at the gym to switch up my routine and keep the body guessing.
Reward - Use that gift certificate from Victoria's Secret and coupon.
Final - Be back down to 18% body fat. I am currently at 31.5%.
Reward - A week in Hawaii this year. I do go often but it has been for short trips lately and nothing is already booked, which makes me sad.

How do I plan to reach these goals? Along with time in the gym, step goals reached on FitBit, etc., I need to be cautious of what I put in my body. I will be participating in Meatless Mondays, limiting alcohol intake and eating much better. Like I said above, you can have fun figuring out your food and trying new things. I honestly believe you do not need booze in order to have fun while being out and about being social. I'm kind of a nut and pretty silly sober. But that's just me. This week leading up to Before photos, I lost 2.2 pounds. I am on my way! It'll be fun seeing those numbers drop and clothes fitting differently. I said 'shopping' already, right?

Follow this blog for weekly updates! Thanks for checking out this post and wishing you a fun 12-weeks of getting fit!


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