Do You ShopKick?

Everybody likes free stuff right? My frugal friend, Megan Z., has turned me onto apps like ShopKick and Cartwheel, but I have also added Ibotta to that list. Use these apps to earn points, discounts and rebates on things you do everyday and purchase.

With ShopKick, you get points just for walking into a retail location like Target, Safeway or Best Buy. Scan the barcodes of certain products and get even more points! 
Scanning magazines for points at Target!
Earn gift cards to stores like GameStop and Old Navy or use the points to earn free products like headphones, a Coach purse, jewelry, a scooter or even a Princess Cruise. I'm going for the cruise! I only need 6.2 million points. LOL. That's quite a bit and it will take forever but I'm aiming high!

I have a Safeway right across the street from my condo complex so I earn walk in points and can scan products there often. I used to work across the way from a Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and Sports Authority so I would get points just for walking over there, scanning products and getting some fresh air and some fitness points. One time, I ran my ShopKick 5K around Emeryville. I ran a route to three retail spots that were offering walk-in points. Fitness activity and just a tiny bit closer to that cruise! It was motivating.

Some days they will have promotions and offer 100 points for walking into certain stores and recently there was a bonus for scanning all five different kinds of bags of potato chips at Safeway. A 400-plus points earned and not a dollar was spent. I'm ok with that. Sometimes the products aren't there but not all stores will carry every single product.

You can also earn points for spending money there. For instance, at Best Buy, get a $1 for every dollar you spent but 1250 points if you spend $200. I recently purchased an all-in-one printer for my home office and the latest Adobe Acrobat. I liked the points I earned. Next, I want a FitBit. I might as well buy it as BestBuy.

I recently won the below contest and won 1,000 points just for posting the below graphic on Instagram showing what I purchased to earn ShopKick points and how much I earned. Not bad, right? Easy-peazy. I love my new Michael Kors bag that I use as my laptop bag and for commuting back and forth to San Francisco. Plus I got it for 45% off at Macy's and also earned Plenti points. 

Want to try it? If so, please sign up thru me. You'll get 50 points to get you started and for every three people that sign up thru me HERE, I get 2,000 points. Come on! Help me get that cruise!

Happy ShopKicking! And I am also all for supporting SF Bay Area companies. Shop local, support local.


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