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Hello, Albany!...through a cold, touristy night in Chicago. Post coming soon! Not quite in New York City yet but this San Francisco Bay Area native is excited to explore the Big Apple a bit more. As mentioned in my excitement in my previous post, I have been twice before. I received great feedback on places to visit and things to do from friends and followers. Don’t forget to support those bloggers sharing similar travel tips and experiences like Tracy Kaler's New York.

The new employer says I’ll have my weekends. I was headed out to Albany for the first time to understand the process I will be in charge of coordinating from the home office in Palo Alto. I hoped I would have the weekend to do ‘research’. It was actually cheaper in terms of flights if I did! I saved the company $250 if I stayed thru the weekend. Sweet! I will have a full two days to explore the city. The cost wasn’t bad for booking flights within a week. Ask me to help you find great deals on flights. I can also save you time and the headache.

It was a no brained to decide to stay at a Marriott property. I am in love with the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay and at Momi Bay in Fiji. I want those points! And I want to go back. 

How much time does it take you to find flights you’re happy with?
What is your favorite rewards points program?

$130 per person?!?” When it’s summer time in San Francisco, tickets to Alcatraz are the hot ticket. They’re paying to go to prison! This high price tag is usually tied with another product like a hop on hop off bus tour (see pics below). Some tourists pay it. They didn’t ask their Travel Agent or call the Concierge at the hotel for tips

I am in the same boat with these folks but I’m not willing to pay a premium. Unfortunately, I will not go up to the crown of Lady Liberty on Saturday. I was able to go to the island and the pedestal. Check! My ticket also includes visiting Ellis Island. As the first generation born here of Filipino immigrants, this would be a good thing to visit.

What is the most you’ve paid for a tourist attraction?
Was it worth it?
Where did your family immigrate from? 

‘Say Yes to the Dress’ is a show on TLC of brides finding their wedding dress at Kleinfeld’s in New York. I used to watch it when I had Dish and recently it was on in the gym at the Hilton Fiji. I even applied to be on it when I was engaged. I plan to visit the store while in New York.

If you’re in the market for a wedding dress in the Bay Area, try my friend’s shop .... I actually got my wedding dress at ... in Brentwood, California. I had a 10% off coupon from a bridal show I attended. Plus, I love helping out local businesses. But looooved this dress I found in Sacramento with my Matron of Honor. It was $5,000.

What is/was your budget for your wedding dress? 
What did you actual spend?

I am kind of geeking out over here. This foodie and @werehungrytoo owner booked dining reservations for this coming weekend. I plan on seeing my friend, Thom, at the current restaurant he is a Sommelier at. I booked a late dinner at Union Square Cafe by Danny Meyer. I read his book, Setting the Table, before opening up my restaurant in San Francisco in 2016. Then I scheduled brunch at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. I met Executive Chef Peet at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival on Maui last year. My cousin in Minnesota also suggested places such as a place Anthony Bourdain worked at. Yes, there are so many things to see and do in New York City. I specifically booked a room with a hotel that has a fitness center because as my Papa Bear says, “Sweetheart, you can EAT!"

What is the most memorable dinner you've had when you traveled?
Are you interested in meeting celebrity chefs?


I have never claimed to be a great writer. Or a reader of books for that matter. The books I read are usually food and beverage related but while on my second visit to the airport in Chicago, I picked up this book. It has travel, a character that had the balls to move on from a life she didn't want and it has my damn name in it! This motivates to continue to share my stories and experiences. The real question is "Where am I NOT going?" Please excuse my lack of great writing skills, but I hope you enjoy what I do share and that it motivates you to go for yourself and create memories of your own.

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