6 Months to Go!

If it wasn't for my newsletter from TheKnot.com, (which was originally TheWeddingChannel.com, which Jessica Herrin co-founded, now the CEO and Founder of Stella & Dot,) I wouldn't have known it was 6 months to the day that I will become a Mrs., a Wife, a DB. It's a pretty amazing feeling and it makes it so much more real. I just kept thinking that our wedding date is so far away. I guess I better light a fire under own butt, huh?

Invitations are in its final stages and will be purchased today or tomorrow to be printed. They are simple and elegant and was chosen from TheKnot.com. I was going to go with The Aerialist Press as they do amazing work, they're so friendly and they're in the same building as my office in Emeryville. I looked at the proof I had again before deciding to not go with them and it caused a frown to develop. No, not just a frown, a full on pout! What I would have held in my hand would have been so beautiful. I planned on framing it. Actually, I still plan on framing what we are getting but they're not letterpress, in the exact PMS color of the Texas Longhorns (Hook 'Em!) and not on super thick card stock. I know that how I would feel about receiving them as a Bride is not what my 40 or so guests would think when they receive them. They will not frame it and it may not even make it to their refrigerator door. So instead of paying $400+ for 25 invitations with letter press matching envelopes (God, that'd be gorgeous), I couldn't justify spending $16 per invitation. That money could go for another round of drinks for my lovely guests. So I am opting for a less expensive option at 25% the cost.

My dress has been selected and a deposit has been made.
My photographer has been selected and deposit has been made.
My DJ has been selected and I need to go over song selections.
My hair stylist has been selected but I need to know how I'm doing my hair. ???
My florist has been selected but I have not sent her a deposit check. It's coming!!
Venue, layout and food have been selected.

I still need:
- An officiant
- A cake
- Veil
- Shoes
- Buy ring(s)
- Seating chart after we received RSVPs
- Groom's suit & shoes
- Go shopping with the girls for dresses
- Ring bearer outfit & pillow
- Flower girl dress, basket & petals
- Wedding favors
- Buy the gent's ties and hankies
- Select wine
- Order MY wine =)
- Work on the honeymoon
- Marriage license (January)

There's not too much left! People ask if I'm feeling the stress of the wedding. Nope. Though I am bummed that there are a couple of people I want to be there for our wedding but will not be able to make it. Save the Dates were sent out in August but some folks knew about the date for well over a year.

Since our wedding guest list is short, I will not be having a bridal shower. A low key Bachelorette party would be planned and I don't think it'd be any crazier than this Saturday's night out at The Rack. The girls know what I want.

I guess I better click 'ORDER' and get my invites printed. Event planning continues...

At the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, 2008


  1. Congrats on hitting the six-month mark! It is going to fly by!


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