November 18th

I have to say, I'm pretty excited about this.

I fought the whole Twilight craze until late 2009 when my friend, Brittany J., couldn't stop talking about it when she was staying with us for a little while. I just thought, oh, it's for kids, it's the new Harry Potter. I read the first Harry Potter book and I wasn't a fan. But I watched Twilight with her. Our trips to Blockbuster are always epic and we're always crying from laughing so hard. I can't wait to see her this Saturday.

I remember watching the scene of when Bella walks into the classroom for the first time, steps in front of a fan causing her hair to blow, and Edward goes into shock. I'm like "WTF". I could hear it like it was yesterday, Brit laughing, and saying, "Oh, you have to read the books! It's SO good! You'll understand."

She let me borrow the first couple of books and as I read further into Twilight, I decided to buy the whole set in hard cover through and have it rushed to me. I have never been a big fan of reading and with so much that I do, it really puts me to sleep. But I finished the entire series in two and a half weeks. That may be slow for some people but for me, that's a record. That's four books. I was so into it that DB gave me a hard time when I would rather read on the couch next to him instead of watch television.

I am definitely Team Edward. He is the idea of the perfect man. I have a mouse pad at home that says:
What do you mean Edward isn't real?

Eclipse was definitely my favorite but Breaking Dawn was super intense. If I had the time to read it again before November 18th, I would. Perhaps I'll re-read the series again this December and make it a tradition.

The adaptation of the books to the movies is really spot on and I think it has to do with Stephanie Meyer being involved in the filming. I think it's what I love about the movies because they're so true to the book. I want to feel the same excitement I felt while reading the book when I watch the film. And they are successful in doing so. I love Dan Brown's books. The DaVinci Code was a page turner for me but sooo disappointed in the film. Angels & Demons the movie was also lacking. I don't even know if they're working on a movie for The Lost Symbol.

I can't wait for November 18th.

What's your favorite book of the series?


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