Windsor Wedding 2018

In one week, my Bride and Groom will be getting married at on Saturday, October 27th at a park near a lake in Windsor, California. If you need tips on having an affordable wedding, read on.

The beauty of being an Event Planner and Coordinator and owning my own company, I am able to decide who I do and do not work with in terms of my clients but also do as little or as much as my clients need. This wedding has probably been the easiest wedding I've worked on. However, that may change on the day of as anything can happen. That's where I come in and just make it work.

The goal for my Bride and Groom is to be as low key and cheaply as possible. The venue is affordable thru the city, it's naturally beautiful so little to no decor is needed, no bridal party, simple food will be delivered and no DJ is needed as no amplified music  If you can live with this, go for it and spend more on your honeymoon.

Besides a trip to Honduras, a honeymoon suit in Downtown Napa with a view of a vineyard plus a couples massage has been booked. As a Travel Agent, I have access to deals those not in the industry may not have access to and we have a relationship with the properties. I was happy to be able to help. Plus, special amenities will be delivered from the hotel and your Travel Agent. We both are thankful for your business.

Stay tuned soon for a follow up on this wedding to see how it went. I'm positive we will both be smiling, maybe just a little bit bigger.

Contact me to have me help you with your private event/wedding.


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