Hump Day

Yesterday, Crystal texted me saying “Thanks again for Sunday! My skin still feels amazingly soft. Haven’t gotten to the Biolean just yet. But will get back to you” on what she thinks of the product. I am on my third day back on Biolean and I have to purchase more products thru Vicki. I also have to come up of a way to get the products in the hands of brides. I have been studying and reading up on the health benefits to become much more educated on the products and health in general.

Christy, who works for TSA at SFO, also took one of her samples of Winrgy today. She said she "really liked" it and she "was good all day." WIN will soon come out in 5Hr Energy form. I will definitely sample DB and the umpire association on that.

The July wedding is moving forward slowly. I do not have as many responsibilities as the bride’s future sister-in-law is also an Event Planner and has taken the reins due to an agreement after the initial ceremony and reception venue locations have not been up to par. The ceremony and reception will now take place at one venue in Santa Clara. My bride is very sweet and I don’t think she wants to let me go but for the benefit of her wedding budget, I offered to step aside since she has family to help her and the new venue has an on-site coordinator. She kindly declined.

In terms of my family’s reunion, I still need a lot of help either financially or with items to bring. I still need to buy quite a few decorative items, decided not to move forward with an entertainment expense in the 100s of dollar range and I still need to book our hotel room. Auntie Tessie needed a ride to the reunion but I told her couldn’t fit her in our car because of all the items I have already purchased for the event, our luggage and our dog.
2008 Family Reunion in Monterey, California

I could not sleep for the life of me on Monday night. It was the first day feeling much better from the illness that has left my nose sore to this day and back at work. I was tossing and turning. I also needed to get a good amount of sleep because yesterday I was meeting up with Sarah to watch the Twilight Trilogy in the theater. I wouldn’t be home until 3 AM this morning because the newest flick, my favorite, Eclipse, was debuting at midnight. Then I realized that Monday was a month since Cousin Natalie’s passing. Perhaps it’s the superstitious side of me that I inherited from my mother or I’m just crazy, but I can sense something is wrong (a disturbance in the force, if you will.) I even laid in bed thinking what could be going wrong right now? And clearly I was missing something.

Eclipse was awesome. It is my favorite of the four books by Stephanie Meyer and I think they did a great job visualizing the book. Many of the scenes were similar, if not almost exactly, the way I pictured it when I was reading this book. Breaking Dawn is going to be nuts. And it’s confirmed they’re splitting it into two movies. Man…

DB, Bevo and I are headed to Carson City, Nevada this weekend for him to participate in an around the clock tournament. I am hoping to reconnect with my friend, Heidi, from middle school when I’m up there. So, that’s where we’re spending Fourth of July weekend.


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