#72 - LLB in Petaluma, CA

This One Busy Bee has only seen her favorite band, Los Lonely Boys, once this year. That is absurd as back in 2008, I saw them 14 times! But life as an entrepreneur requires some sacrifices. Perhaps the next time they're in Hawaii, I'll go.

I took the day off from work to go up to Petaluma, California on a rainy day. Unfortunately, I was the only one to represent the SF Bay Area group of La Onda Street Steam but was happy to have my dear friend, recent Bride and fellow entrepreneur, Nikki, join me. She is bilingual and has started a school teaching Spanish. This concert was perfect for her as LLB and the opening act from Oakland, Bang Data, sing in both English and Spanish. It's always a good time with her.

I started my day with dropping off a trunk full of donations to Goodwill. The gents that helped lighten my load behind the building were super friendly. Just a couple miles down, I was downtown Petaluma and was looking to explore and work using a local restaurant's wi-fi.

I got prime parking right outside the Mystic Theatre. It's not uncommon to have my license plate 'LNLYBYS' in plain view of the marquee on the venue that says 'Los Lonely Boys.' I searched Yelp for a local spot with free wi-fi and decided to go to Red Brick. They also had happy hour, live music at night and right on the river. I had a margarita for $5 (normally $10), a scotch egg and their chicken wings while I drafted blog posts. I was there for a couple of hours and the staff didn't mind me occupying a couple of bar seats and using their power outlet.

SnapChat: 'bappletree'

Nikki said she was on her way so I met her at McNear's Saloon which was right next to the venue. Again, grabbed a seat at the bar and waited for mi amiga bonita to arrive. With a shorter do' since the wedding just over a month ago, we both ordered a beer and went with their pizza cookie dessert with ice cream. Friendly service, a good selection of beer, they have a big menu, it seems like a great spot for locals to go as many people seemed to have known each other but the cookie was a little disappointing.

What wasn't disappointing was the awesome sound and music coming from next door by the opening act, Bang Data. I made my way to the front of the venue as there's no place like front row. This band had so much energy and had a great sound. The lead singer, Deuce Eclipse, was awesome. He sang covers, performed "Amor Califas" taking in rap legends sound with some latin and island grooves that I thought was really cool and unique. Rapping in Spanish was also great. If only my Spanish was better! Nonetheless, I was glad I didn't miss this act entirely. Nikki liked it so much she went live on Facebook and posted a video as well where the band re-shared it. Very cool! After the concert, we took a photo with Deuce Eclipse. He was very appreciative of our kind words. Funny, he was also at the wedding I worked the following weekend. What a cool guy.


Bang Data

Then it was time for the Boys to come out. I was excited. It's been so long! For as long as I've known Nikki, she is finally going to see what I love about this band so much. Besides the lady next to us rockin' out and wildly shaking her poofy hair that made you keep your distance or the weird guy behind me just being awkward, it was an amazing night. A perfect reason to stay indoors.

The Boys played the following song and opened a song by Credence. Don't hate me. I didn't know what it was. Another song was sung that I didn't know. At first, I excitedly thought, "OOOOHHH, a new song!" No, just a cover I didn't know.

Staying With me
Cisco Kid
Don't Walk Away
Blame it on Love
Give a Little More
So Sensual
Never Met a Woman
Nobody Else
Crazy Dream
Oye Mamacita

JoJo Garza

It's been a tough week for me so I really needed this. I have such a good time when I'm seeing my Boys play live. Jojo saw me and smiled, Ringo from afar on the drums also spotted me and Henry handed me a pic as soon he saw the kangaroo-like jumping fan and recognized it was me. Henry is usually in the zone when he plays and has his eyes closed.

After performing Heaven, their Grammy-winning and concert-closing tune, the Boys took their bows. I met Jojo's eyes again and reached up my arms requesting a hug with some puppy dog eyes. He smiled and made his way to the front around some speakers to give me a hug. Love these guys so much! After 12 or so years following them, they know their loyal fans. I'm honored to be loved as I love them. It made my day, week even!

Another hug I received was from one of "The Joeys." It was actually my friend, Johnny, who I met while waiting in line at the Fillmore in San Francisco for another Los Lonely Boys show. He and his buddy travel all over for concerts and they call themselves The Joeys. I've seen them a few times at shows and they nickname me Josephine, as a fellow concert-goer.

Heaven and Nikki & I

Nobody Else

I Never Met a Woman

Wait, there were more hugs! At the merch table, Shawn was working! Shawn is the Boys' nephew and he is a daddy now with two adorable boys. It's crazy how time flies. I remember watching the Boys play with him as a kid and watching him grow up over the years - wandering the streets of Hollywood Boulevard together, talking about him playing sports in high school while in San Diego and seeing him play the bongos on stage with his uncles at multiple concerts. He also has or works as a Barber. Forgive me, I forget if he's an Owner. But good for him!

It was a great night, even despite being at a standstill on 580 in Oakland after a downpour of heavy rain. I was able to spend time with people I love and not really work. I look forward to their next concert at Cache Creek Casino on Friday, February 15, 2019. Join us! You won't regret it! They're amazing.

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