WINning Over the Corporate Totem Pole is Appealing

WIN is moving along. I’ve decided to invest a little more time into this as an added benefit to tie with my Event Planning services and see where it takes me. I went to another meeting on Saturday morning in San Mateo and met a couple more people and other distributors. They are from all sorts of career backgrounds – Accounting and Finance, Body Builders, Chiropractors, Construction Workers, and even even Housewives.

As stated in my earlier posts, this is an MLM company. I dealt with one before and I didn’t like it. Perhaps I’m just gullible but Michael (one of my superiors) made a good point. Corporations are structured the same way, with a hierarchy. Don’t you find yourself at the bottom or near the bottom of the totem pole? This company is structured the same way. One, it has a structure: my boss gets a bonus if I perform well. And I SHOULD be getting training from my boss because they apparently know more than me. When I worked at City Beach, I thought, the more people we bring into the restaurant, the more tips we will get. When the servers and bartenders are selling more goods, the bigger the tips. In turn, the restaurant manager is making his sales numbers. And the owners like the increasing revenue, therefore giving bonuses, kudos or good reviews which later benefits in other employment opportunities. Growth, right?

However in corporations and in this kind of economy, you may work your butt off but you don’t get a bonus or pay raise. You may be doing a great job, receive an excellent review but “Sorry, we can’t afford to pay you more.” However, we can give you a new title with additional responsibilities, and when we get money, we’ll pay you.” Hmmmm… Work hard now, and MAYBE get paid later? I’ve heard that before.

I’m playing it safe. I don’t know if WIN is going to make me a bunch of money as I haven’t devoted 100% of myself to it, not even 25% of me. I need a stable income and health insurance. I get both with this full-time salaried job. I am thankful I have a job. Things would be much more stressful if I didn’t. But now I see that WIN is looking a bit more appealing. My current job is really a no-brainer. It's not challenging nor does it give me the drive to more or do my job even better. I do it for the stable income and health insurance. There is no room for growth here for me. It’s natural for me to want to go above and beyond but I’m at the point that it’s not really going to benefit me significantly more if I give them 110% of myself. So… here I am trying something new… again.

I do it all really. I bartend, serve, plan events, am a Notary Public, I’ve walked a dog, babysat, do miscellaneous administrative tasks, all to make an extra buck. My sister wants to be a financial advisor. My very good friend is spending more a month than what she brings in. Many people have to have a second job. Many people retire in poverty. Many retirees go back to work because we outlive our money. Notice the senior citizens working at McDonald’s or security patrol in office buildings or parking lots. I definitely don’t want that to be me.

Christy has been taking the Biolean and states “Yes, I’ve been taking it and loving it so far… Taking half for now but I think I’m going to take the whole thing soon.” I told her how it effected my body temp and she says she can’t really tell about the body temp changes because she’s always hard at work, usually on her feet and lifting luggage and bags.

I have been going to the gym in the morning before work and am trying to get into a sleeping routine. I was pretty tired on Tuesday and had the WINrgy mixed with water and I was A-OK for the rest of the day. I have also been taking the ProXtreme after I work out and it’s pretty darn tasty. I add a couple of strawberries to the blender to get that sweet, fruity taste. I haven’t missed a Biolean dose since I started back up on the 28th of June. Since then, my severe cold and cough went away, I was able to enjoy my July 4th weekend and I haven’t gotten sick. It is said to help with allergies and I think it works for the most part for me, unless it is extremely windy or ridiculously dusty. I plan on increasing my dosage to full packet once I receive my new order of products.

I just want to recap on some notes I jotted down at this meeting on Saturday.
- WIN is expanding internationally – We are already in Australia and very soon will be in Turkey.
- Wellness company – for physical, mental and financial well-being
- Products are formulated to meet or exceed all guidelines established for dietary supplements
- The labs are FDA approved
- The Germany Olympic committee has approved a number of WIN products
- WINrgy – primarily of B Vitamins. Michael’s teenage boys have it breakfast.
- Sleeptite - Michael says that his child has ADHD and it helps with that and getting a good night’s sleep. In 2008, there were 8 new sleep aids released in the market.
- WINspa - Michael says that his teenagers use the night cream and it helps with their acne.
- Omega-3 - I had no idea that companies put Omega-3 in pet food because we love our pets! I have a dog. Bevo doesn’t get enough Omega-3, that’s for darn sure.
- Our CoQ10 – if you’re taking Lipitor, I’ve been told that it takes the CoQ10 out of your system.
- LovPil – That’s self-explanatory. Competitors pay big money to have their ads during the Super Bowl. That’s proof that SOMEONE is taking it, though not admitting to it.

Business Steps:
1) Use the product
2) Share the results & benefits
3) Share samples
4) Share opportunity to purchase the products at retail or wholesale (at least 10% discount)
5) Share the opportunity to make money

Seems pretty simple. Anyone interested in doing this with me? I’ve met other distributors and if you’re in the business together, it’s most likely that your indirect business will go to them. What I mean is that, when I need to get a hair cut, I am planning on going to a WIN distributor that is also a hairstylist. I am about to meet a calligrapher interested in getting started as a distributor. She will probably give me and my bride (my client) a discount because we work together. It’s networking. It’s a must to grow your business, as a WIN Distributor or a Notary Public or an Event Planner.

Good luck!


  1. Ya got me curious. Though I have yet to try the sample you gave me. Will try it out after Friday's run.


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