Love is in the Air

Love is in the air? Or is it? It is for me although I’m super sleepy as it’s Monday and I’m still commuting an hour to work. I took my WINrgy a little bit ago so it’ll help supplement my nap I couldn’t take in my car as it was freezing! Never mind the tiredness, the long commute, the cold and rain or the fact that it’s Monday, today is Valentine’s Day and there’s a lot to love.

DB and I had a fun, engagement photo shoot yesterday with David Chin of Beacon Fotography. I’ve already seen a couple of shots and I can’t wait to see them all! David was working with some new equipment, had some great angles and fun ideas. DB and I couldn’t really hold the serious shots seriously and we’d bust out laughing, at one point I was in tears. Our neighbors next door saw us laying on our not-so-pruned grass and said we should use their lawn. We did. At one point David had a large spider on him and he remained calm as I got the heebie-jeebies. I was in a dress and I would not have able to hold still. DB and his parents reportedly have seen many black widows. I’m good on seeing any of those. We had some nice shots with our baby, Bevo. DB said I looked beautiful, gently kissed me on my head in between shots a few times and tried to keep me warm while in a dress at a park nearby. I love him.

I have a meeting tonight with a possible new bride/client and he has to coach his baseball team so we will not have a romantic Valentine’s dinner tonight. I picked up his valentine by Taylor Swift from Wal-Mart. They’re cute. He’ll get that on his pillow after a long day of working.

Then today I received news that my cousin, Shanti, and her husband, Pablo, will be having a BOY!!! She is due in July! They live in Hawaii so I’m sure I’m going to miss getting to hold him but thank goodness for Skype! I also heard last week that my good friend, Tara, will be having a little girl: Emma Lynn. Babies all around! My sister is majorly downsizing and getting rid of clothes Brent no longer fits in so DB and I visited her family yesterday and grabbed two paper bags of baby clothes, JUST in case we someday have a baby boy. I bought this outfit for Brent. What a cutie pie!
No, seriously. Niners need to get on it.

Share the love. Who are you spending today with and what are your plans?


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