Hayward Improvements - Please Improve My Property Value

I am definitely a newbie in terms of all things real estate. Over 7 years ago, I was offered and took advantage of a restaurant regular to pay and train me to work in his mortgage lending firm. I did not finish the CD training, therefore I did not work in his firm. I did not do much in terms of purchasing our home as DB worked closely with his mother, a seasoned and reputable Real Estate Agent, in PA. But since I have a condo and a new home in another East Bay town, I better start paying attention to the real estate market and the city in which they reside.

As we rushed to get a renter in our condo back in December and moved out the following month, deconstruction of the Centennial Hall began and continues...

When people asked me whereabouts in Hayward that I lived, I replied "Near Centennial Hall" and they knew exactly where it was. I remember seeing the marquee having Hawaiian Tropic contests there, gun shows, autograph memorabilia shows, proms and I even went to a bonsai tree exhibit there. The parking lot was over the Safeway. I used to take Bevo there to throw the ball around because the HOA didn't allow dogs off leash on the property. I also would go down there to jump rope before work. DB says new condos will be built in its place.

Our condo is rather spacious with quite a few upgrades. (My tenants are happy, thank goodness.) Will the new condo complex make our property value decrease or increase by hopefully improving the neighborhood? I suspect it will increase. In addition, the 238 expansion will also be close by. The downtown area with a movie theater is within walking distance and has definitely improved.

I will keep following Eric Kurhi on Twitter and hope Hayward, The Heart of the Bay, continues to grow.

My favorite places in Hayward:
- Akaihana - Tell Shawn I sent you!
- Buon Appetito - Tell Martino I sent you! The Penne alla Vodka is the best. Add broccoli. :)
- Alpine Cleaners on Foothill - The friendliest service!

Are you worried about your property value? What's the story in your town?


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