LLB Publicity Shot - Thanks, Google Alert - 2011 Tour, WHAT?!

Oh, Google, you're taking over the world, aren't you? Besides this Google Alert posting I received a few minutes ago about the Los Lonely Boys show in Madison, WI on April 12th, I heard over the 740AM dial this morning that you may be bringing us the lowest in airfares... Well, thank you for the alert and letting me check out that cool picture above for the first time... i think it's my first time. Cool rides, Guys.

This Californian won't be able to make this show but thought I'd throw out the link and info anyways. Perhaps my favorite Bad Girl from Milwaukee, WI or my Chicago Foodie and Spring Break partner will check it out. (Marineau - remember 'Madison' was your alias during that trip to The Bahamas? Ah, good times.) After all, I do talk about these boys a lot. What's up with all the fuss? Go see 'em!

AND HOLD THE PHONE! Where are my California tour dates? The 2011 tour dates have been released and there is not a single California date listed. There will be more tour dates listed soon. Can't wait!
LOS LONELY BOYS, Tuesday, April 12, 7:30 p.m., Barrymore Theatre, 2090 Atwood Ave. Tickets are $25 through the Barrymore and its outlets, 241-8633, barrymorelive.com or trueendeavors.com. All ages.

And another one I found on Amazon.com when you pre-order 'Rockpango'.

Also, join the group that will be pre-ordering the album on Facebook! I just purchased my deluxe version for $20.06. Go pre-order it!

Then one I found on the LLB Forum with their Po-Po-Po-Poker Faces.


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