Quick Announcements / Invites

Engagement announcement / housewarming & engagement party invites will be going out soon. I will be picking up prints this evening on my way home from work, the list has been compiled. I just need to print out an insert and outgoing mailing labels and stuff them. And of course the cost of stamps.

I didn’t put too much time and effort into these as I was running out of time, but I have been a user of Kodak Gallery for a very long time and have used them to order prints and photo gifts. I didn’t want to spend remotely close to a dollar per card and Kodak Gallery put my mind and pocket book at ease. AND, I was able to save on shipping and get my order of 140 copies in one day. That’s great! I do have to pick it up but I chose to pick them up at a Target on my way home. I can’t wait to see and feel the final product in my hands tonight.

Thanks again to Brentwood’s own, David of Beacon Fotography for the engagement photos!

DB and I had our first real discussion about the party that’s happening in less than a month… ehhh, we have a lot to work out: mainly food and how and where we want a bar set up. Decisions. Decisions. Thanks to my sister for providing me with the excess liquor she was keeping in her house! PAR-TAY!!!!


  1. Yeah, I really shouldn't have alcohol in my house if I don't even drink it. But I can't wait to watch everyone else tipsy!


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