Personal Wedding Planning Progress

Thank goodness it’s Friday! As mentioned, our engagement photos will be taken this weekend and DB has no preference as what to wear for the shoot, so it looks like I’m playing Mommy and dressing up my fiancé. I have intentions of using these photos for our engagement announcements/housewarming invites and I haven’t really thought about how I wanted them delivered to our friends and family. We are not going to have a huge wedding with all the bells and whistles so I don’t think our invitations need to have them as well.

If we hadn’t just moved into our new house and boxes were still unpacked and photos and paintings have not yet been hung, (my office still hasn’t even been set up yet!), I think I would have made a trip to Michael’s and make them myself. I’d love to be more crafty. I would really like to support my cousin, Dahlia, and Makita Studios. I love her work and she’s very creative. Perhaps next time around. I have quite a few friends that are pregnant that may enjoy her designs. REFERRALS! I may just go with something standard but go BIG with the wedding invites.

Another wedding item we’re (or it may be just I) doing this weekend is checking out a Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry event that I heard about since I am on the e-mail list. I believe I’ll have my own sales person to assist me with shopping. I don’t think I need much from there but it’s still fun to register. I definitely want to register at Macy’s as well. I am absolutely in love with their Hotel Collection towels. My cousin, Shanti, registered for honeymoon activities as they were going to Fiji. I can’t remember what I purchased them but it was thru that site. I don’t think we’re going on a honeymoon but again, that hasn’t really been discussed.

Other wedding progress:

We have agreed on the jist of the ceremony and the reception. In terms of exact location, food, wine/liquor, entertainment, etc. is still up in the air. I did check out Brownstone Gardens in Oakley, CA and it’s definitely an affordable venue with plenty of room. I actually met the fiancé of DB’ coworker (also a coach) and they decided to get married there. A friend and someone that worked the Indian wedding in 2009 with me fell in love The Bently Reserve in San Francisco and now she’s getting married there. It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s just funny to think that I developed sores on my feet from walking non-stop on those floors. Some locations have made the list and some made the NO list. There’s still plenty of time to figure that out.

Wedding party has been selected but not entirely notified. I am also looking for more weddings, building relationships in terms of notarizing documents and marketing to help pay for this up in the air in terms of details wedding.

I was curious about a dress by Dalia MacPhee but it didn’t come in white. I would absolutely love to have a dress for the reception by her. I’ll have to track down a location that carries her dresses. And with the dress, I need to get my body to where I want it to be. I am looking forward to hitting the gym both days this weekend and I hope to keep at it and get back to my usual routine. I would love to be on TLC’s Say Yes to The Dress. If we happen to make plans to head out East for some reason and I do not have a dress yet, I’ll try to get casted for the show. That’d be fun!

I am a recent fan of J. Crew but their dresses weren’t grabbing my attention. Vera Wang has some beautiful dresses. My cousin, Michelle, had a Vera Wang wedding dress. I’m more of a Priscilla of Boston admirer. David Tutera’s dresses just blow me away. I definitely want to try on at least of his dresses. And sadly to say, I’m going to have to go to Cammarillo or Anaheim to check them out. Sounds like a road trip, Bridesmaids!

I think that’s all I’ve really done. I’m going to give myself time to brainstorm, to raise money, go to bridal fairs, touch base with past vendors and then make some decisions.

If you have any vendor recommendations or specials, please let me know about them!


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