WinSpa Facials = Amazing

Another set of our products that never fails that I'd like to highlight is the WinSpa line.

My future parents-in-laws are in town and have been a God-send in helping us move, clean and unpack our first home together. I now have an hour-long commute, each way, so if they weren't here, I believe we'd still be eating on paper plates because I'd have no time to clean or unpack. I thought I'd share these wonderful products with Momma DB. She briefly heard about the wellness business I am working on and we had a chance to discuss it and use the products.

We used the Hydra Therapie Cleanser first to clean our skin. We then used the Enzyme Peel to exfoliate the skin. Then we placed on The Ultimate Face-Masque and left it on for 30 minutes. We went back downstairs where Poppa DB was watching a comedy. That was probably a bad idea since we couldn't laugh but it made the movie so much more funnier. Even before we washed our faces, Momma DB says "This is the most amazing mask I've ever had. I've had plenty of facials." Our 30 minutes were up and this is my favorite part. I love how the mask just melts away and leaves your skin oh-so-soft. Next we had the Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Serum that our ladies in the business call Botox in a bottle. Then topped off with the Firming Cream. I didn't have the Radiant Eye Cream or the Night Repair Cream as I think they're still packed away. But she loved the products and perhaps whens he's done with her products, she'll give me a call.

We also got to talking about our WinOmega3Complex. Poppa DB is on Omega-3s and I told her that ours is cheaper and almost equivalent to Lovaza at 88% pure Omega-3, and way better for you then Costco brands that have fillers that may be harmful to your body (including cholesterol!) So I gave her a bottle of that to take with her. And she's also wanted to build more lean muscle as the housework she's been doing for the past week has reminder her that she needs to be more active. So I gave her a sample pack of BioLean and WINrgy. She loved to hear that there's choline in the WINrgy. And I threw in some Sleep-Tite as well as it's a muscle relaxer and helps you get to that deeper level of sleep to wake up rested.

So these items are heading back to Pennsylvania with her this week. I hope to hear wonderful results.

What do you think, Beauty Gurus?


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