Biolean - Going 7 Months Strong

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I will not go a day without my Biolean. After SEVEN months of not being sick, I truly believe it's the Biolean. I know people who have been plenty sick and even a coworker was out of the office all last week with the flu and bronchitis.

I can also say that I have not been to the gym in almost two weeks, eating bread and butter and not on a healthy diet whatsoever and I'm surprised I'm not a tank right now, or I don't feel like one. I gotta say, I like this weight maintenance stuff. Not only does it keep me from sneezing my head off but it's maintaining my weight.

I was at a social function this past weekend and it is TRUE about the growing obesity rate. I am seriously not trying to be mean and if you're a heavy set person and you love your body, more power to you! But if it's affecting your health, you need to do something about it and I'd say about 85% of the people at that event were overweight, stuffing their faces and sadly, one day it's going to kill them.

Look around you? Are there more fit or overweight people sitting in the restaurant with you, or at the library, or in your church pew? It's scary that these obesity statistics are accurate. You don't need to be a mathematician to say that people are getting bigger. I see it in teenagers as well. I agree - get out and play for an hour a day!

What are you doing to maintain your weight? Have you tried our products?


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