Blogging Goals - August 2016

Half the year is over with? Goodness. Time flies. We have an female-elected Democratic presidential nominee? It's about damn time.


Chosen July blogging goals have been achieved. I didn't make that big of a dent to the stack on my nightstand but progress was made. Like working out, every bit of improvement is progress. 

I have been putting an incredible amount of effort in my business, Dirty Water. Now I have chosen to make an even riskier investment. Remember that post of moving to San Francisco? That is now on hold. I needed to secure one piece of the business so we can continue to grow. It was an obstacle that I decided to make a thing of the past.

Blogging goals for July include creating more posts about the restaurant industry in San Francisco and all of our offerings. I am pretty well rounded but I want to be more knowledgeable on food, cooking, locally sourced ingredients, wine, liquor, cocktails, events, venues, event planning and marketing. Did I forget beer? 

Mother Earth Beer Pairing Dinner menu
Ashley Routson's book that my Brewer leant me is still on my nightstand, a constant reminder that I didn't do enough for me to attack my July blogging goals. I think it's time to pick it up and read 20 minutes a day. I used to do monthly beer logs here. I cut my liquid calorie intake down a lot because I need to lose weight and want to win that $20,000 from the #MyNextLevel. I have been tasting our wines by the glass to know what they taste like. After all, it is my business.  I shall do the same with our rotating 52 beer taps. Just a taste! Please stay tuned for more beer posts.

Let's drink to that!


I did finish Whisk(e)y Distilled and did pick up The Beer Guide but I didn't make that
significant dent in it. However, I did post an August Beer Log AND I reached 1,600 followers on Twitter (@bappletree). I am under 2,000 hits to reach 100,000 hits on my blog and will do it in my birthday month of September. Watch me!


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