Greece - Check!

Ever since the 5th grade, I have been in love with Greek Mythology and have always wanted to go the Acropolis and standing on the grounds where Grecian Gods once stood, where beautiful Greceian Goddesses and nymphs captivated the hears of man, and where they believed int he almighty Zeus, Poseidon and Athena.  Greece was one of six countries on our two week itinerary in Europe. I was happy to go with my Cugino, my Cousin Ron. The ship had technical difficulties and we were traveling at a slower pace, so we had to bypass Rhodes, Greece, but we didn't miss Athens. If we did, I'd want my entire trip refunded because it meant so much to visit there. I felt bad for the economic troubles that was occurring there with the riots. However the riots only happen Monday thru Friday. We arrived on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, so we lucked out. Traveling through town, it wasn't the cleanest. Graffiti was everywhere. Trash and they had many strip clubs. It was the first city we visited in Europe that we encountered them. The city was prepping for a marathon that was taking place the next day.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Acropolis. I only wish we had a better tour guide that made it fun and you wanted to stick with it. We basically left her and our group behind. Of course, I did my research before coming but took photos of the informational plaques as back up.

I love the detail and the fact how long these structures have stood.

After the Acropolis, we sat in so much traffic and decided to go on and explore Athens by ourselves. We had lunch at a restaurant called In Town and sat outside under trees with lanterns and met a friendly server, Julia. She said it was her dream to come to California. We are now friends on Facebook. It would be lovely to see her again. The food was great with the stuffed calamari being devoured. It was nice to sit outside with some live music.We shopped and took the bus back to the ship. Along the way, we had a companion escort us there. In Greece, even at the Acropolis, dogs wandered around. When we got to the port, our dog friend met up with her other companions.

I have been craving Greek food lately. Court Court and I went to a Greek restaurant a couple of times after our cardio boxing class at Boxing4Health in Oakland called Ikaros. The grilled octopus was amazing! Of course we had to have the gyro meat. I have to go back soon.

After an adventure, Cristen and I ended up at Orexi in West Portal of San Francisco after a failed attempt to attend a fundraising event due to a lack of parking in the Mission. Silly me. The restaurant has been around for four years and the inside was not what we expected when we walked in. It was very modern, very busy, had a long communal table in the narrow restaurant and beehive octagons on the wall. Honey used in the restaurant is sourced by bees of the owners as well. It reminded me of Jardinere and how they have beehives on the rooftop. We asked if we could sit at the bar. We're in the industry so need for a formal table. I like interacting with the bartender anyways.

We sat at the counter, were presented with menus by one do the owners and greeted by the good looking bartender, Nick. He mentioned the specials and offered us tastes of Greek wine. So much for not drinking! I only wanted Greek wine and ordered the rose with grilled octopus and the kabob platter. Nick had us taste other wines and didn't mind the silly and shocking girl talk we were having. It was funny to see him smile via his profile. We clearly didn't care if people heard us talk about work and dating. It was a great night. We also met the other owner as we were devouring the dessert. I invited both Nick and John to DW. We hope they come by some time.

Was sent to Court Court vis Snapchat. We'd always get the grilled octopus.

My Greek cravings continued. I stayed home one day this past week and didn't feel well. I ordered a few things via Eat24 and wanted to try something new. An opportunity to create more blog content? Yes, please! I selected Pita Love Grill in Hayward and ordered the Gyros Pita Sandwich, Chicken Kabob Plate, an extra order Tsaziki and baklava. Hey, when I don't feel good, the diet goes out the window. Delivery didn't take the hour and a half the app estimated it for and thank goodness. I enjoyed the sandwich and added more sauce. I wish the pita was a bit softer but perhaps it wasn't as fresh with it being delivery. I had one of the two pieces of baklava as a treat and was too full to have more than a bite of the chicken kabob. The day or so after, I did enjoy the hummus. It was flavorful. I'm glad they are available via Eat24. Now if only they would get some Thai restaurants on the app.

But back to Greece, Santorini has been on my list to visit since my father sent me a post card from there when I was in high school. It is absolutely stunning. It was going to be a honeymoon stop but that marriage wasn't meant to be, thank the Gods. One day, I will go back.


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