Orlando Bound for Lolo - Week 2

Following up on Week 1 since I signed up for my first half marathon in Orlando with Team in Training benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I have committed to run 13.1 miles in memory of my late Lolo, Victor Manzano, and in honor of my friend, Sandra.

And here's to Week 2!

I ran 6 miles the day before so I needed a break. No work out. For a planner, I seem to fail on picking places to meet up with Instafriend on Mondays. We were going to go to the view bar at the top of the new Loew's Regency aka the Chopsticks building for the two points at the top. But they were not open on Monday. I walked by Wayfare Tavern and suggested that but we ended up for a drink at Tadich Grill. They did not offer dining at the bar, just their snacks which were not vegetarian. We had one drink and left. I will have to come back for dinner there sometime to experience a popular spot.

We then headed over to Pabu. My first time at this Michael Mina location was with Instafriend a bit ago for her friend's event. (Pabu - San Francisco, CA) It's a delicious spot and Instafriend told me they had a secret whiskey cocktail menu. YES! Right up my alley. The menu came in a rolled up scroll stuffed in the opening of a bottle covered in paint. I passed on the Japanese whisky flight and went with a Wandering Samurai with Akashi white oak whisky, rose tea and creme de violette. It came in a wine glass with one sphere ice cube. It wasn't my favorite cocktail but it will do.

For food and Meatless Monday, I enjoyed the mushroom tempura, futumaki and the dessert cookie with mochi and fruit. The dessert was not shareable so we ordered two. It was delicious. Great company.

Not Meatless Monday began with a burrito that my new roommate brought me. It was delicious. And followed later on by a workout at home. No run. I really need to get a hold on my diet. The day followed with a walk from Embarcadero Bart station to the Fisherman's Wharf for work. I was a bit early and went to get a smoothie on Jones Street. Missing the islands as usual, I went with a mango or pineapple smoothie. It was a bit tart. With more time to kill, I stopped in at Pompei's Grotto and ordered their happy hour menu items: mussels and tacos. Sadly, not only do they not spell the city correctly in my opinion as it is used with and without the double i, the food was lacking that I didn't even finish it. It's sad to say that it won't be the first place I recommend hotel guests to dine at.

To further add to the disappointment, I received a media pass for the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience but it was for the upcoming weekend. I had planned to attend a friend's wedding in Madera, California and the flight alone was for $800. I had to pass. But contact me to attend your event for a write up!

Before work was full of appointments so no major work out was done. One of those appointments were to get three pieces of furniture removed using Got Junk? They do not give you a quote or even know exactly what you are trying to get rid of. They make an appointment, waste your time as you wait for the movers to arrive and give you an astronomical quote hoping you would just go with their quote just to get rid of your stuff. It's pretty terrible. I spent my day before work scheduling another appointment with a local company. I think I rewarded myself with two al pastor tacos from Taqueria El Farolito on Beach Street in San Francisco. Get the strawberry aqua fresca too. Tasty! No run again but did walk my usual route from Bart to the Fisherman's Wharf.

My sister was in town for training and was staying with me. With our schedules conflicting we didn't have time to catch up. On her last night in town and my Friday, she came out to meet me at Pier 39 and I took advantage of my coupons from Landry's for sending folks there from the hotel and being a new Landry's member. Check out the VIP sign on the table. Nice touch. I had their salmon with an avocado, corn and shrimp topping. Delicious. My sister went with the mud pie for dessert. Thankfully I didn't enjoy that too much or the Chenin Blanc and Viognier wine. I think I was just tired from the week.

I did get a workout at home with Bevo. That was good The Vietnamese sandwich from the counter outside the Slanted Door was probably not a good idea. And at $14! I won't be doing that again. 

Then I kick the workout into high gear. I meet up with Nelly, who is also fundraising for our half marathon, at Lake Merritt. This was our first meet up and I was scheduled to run seven miles. That would be two plus laps around the lake. I was running in my busted Brooks and in my Section36 tank. Nelly was ahead of me the entire time and I made it to 8 miles! My goal was to make it Sidebar who follow my We're Hungry Too Instagram account. I made it! It hurt but I did it and kept an OK pace. It was no where fast but the goal was crushed and new personal records were made.

Lunch at Sidebar was fantastic. We sat at the bar and Marco took good care of us. I was eyeing his fruit bowl and asked for some oranges. He cut up a whole orange for me. For free! He's my favorite. I love fruit. I went with the trout salad as it was the latest post on their Instagram and it was delicious. I will have to try their other items and cocktails.

No time for a nap to recover, Kim came home and we headed off to Downtown Hayward for happy hour at Brews and Brats and to see the Deadpool movie. Thanks to the Monopoly game at Safeway, I saved $5. And had a pint of 21st Amendment's Hell or Highwater Watermelon. I didn't need the beer to find Deadpool hilarious. The legs scene! OMG.

Still not ready to go home, we went to get sushi from Tomadochi. It's all about the Fire & Ice roll. And more oranges!

I had a full day ahead and had to get some sort of workout in. I did what I could. My knees hurt from the run the day before. I picked up my handsome wedding date and started our way to the Central Valley. We made a stop at two tasting rooms and had a great time. Then it was to change in the park as we couldn't find a place to change and walked in a bit late to the wedding. The wedding reception was full of whiskey, laughs, meeting new folks and dancing. We had a good time and the date was a success. Best wishes to Janey & Ryan!

On two and a half hours of sleep, I was draggin' ass. I paid extra for a parking spot closest to work so I could sleep during my lunch break. I didn't bother eating until the end of my shift at 4:30 PM and then I went home to sleep.

In summary, according my Fitbit, I walked over 100,000 steps, burned nearly 2,000 calories and on average have 6 hours of sleep. 

I have been logging my food as well on MyFitnessPal and hoping that keeps me aware of what I am putting in my body as a I train. It's hard to lay off the booze! Maybe I need to cut liquor to just special occasions or special company.

Thanks for reading and please support me in training for my first half marathon in memory of my Lolo - http://bit.ly/OrlandoBoundforLolo

Onto Week 3!


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