Three Visits Three Different Locations

Oh man, I get it. Tourists won't know any better but $14-$18 for a normal slam breakfast? From Denny's? That's not nice to charge for something we get much cheaper at other locations for nothing superior. I love working in the Fisherman's Wharf area but the fact that prices are high because it's a tourist destination hurts us locals and doesn't make me feel too good about the business.

Where are the $4, $5, $6 options? These prices are definitely not what I am used to when going to Denny's. It is not a bargain, especially at this location. I love a Moons Over My Hammy and their French Toast as I have since I was a kid but not at these prices! If you want the same food at the prices you're used to, leave Fisherman's Wharf

It's a large restaurant, is open 24 hours, in the HolidayInn with the entrance being on Jones. Sit at a table underneath the skylight or at a booth. Try your luck at the claw game to win a prize and good luck dodging the occasional homeless person looking for a coffee.

Funny enough, I have recently had a great meal at he location in Fort Bragg, up north. The company was definitely the biggest plus of that visit but I definitely recall NOT seeing astronomical San Francisco prices. The service was friendly and we ordered a lot, including the new skillets and the birthday cake milkshake, which is sadly not like Cold Stone Creamery's birthday cake ice cream. Too bad. My Bride, Groom and I had some good laughs and even gave it a new pronunciation for such a wonderful experience, 'Deh-nayz.'

Another recent visit was in Long Beach to kick off my travel agent seminar weekend. It was a late night and we made new friends. After trying to visit other bars and restaurants, we ended up back t Denny's for more laughs, Moons Over my Hammy and a bathroom break. A homeless lady was half naked in a stall where she did not lock the door. My roommate walked straight into the stall and quickly turned around. What an experience! Our Server was great, friendly and didn't mind our silliness very early in the morning.

Denny's is always a memorable experience. Have fun!

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