No More Seafood!

"Are you sick of seafood yet?" I ask this question of my hotel guests at the Argonaut when they ask for a recommendation on where to eat. I have dined at just about everywhere on the Fisherman's Wharf so I can tell you what I have and enjoyed at each location. 

If 'yes', is their response, Surisan is where I direct guests. It is a popular, modern Korean restaurant offering lunch, brunch, dinner and cocktails. It is located at the corner of Beach and Jones.

The Millionaire Bacon is a must! Don't eat pork? You should! Sweet, peppery and thick slices. It's worth the money at $8 for two slices. And what better way than to share it with a dear friend. 

Get the Surisangria that's served in a beaker where you can see the distinct layers of deliciousness. Before my dear friend, Nikki, arrived. I texted her if she wanted one. Her enthusiastic answer and confidence in my order selection is appreciated.

I've had the Korean Tacos once before. Again, if you don't eat pork, you're missing out. The salad on the side is also a good addition.

The seafood pajun will come out in a hot skillet with a side of sauce with scallions. Warning -  it will be hot! But I couldn't wait to eat it so the open mouth to allow air in to try to cool it off was a face I made often. It is definitely a dish big enough to share. I was able to also take a bite of her Loco Moco. See the layers in this dish too?

Sit inside at a table, at the bar or outside on the patio. Make reservations thru me, if I can help, because it does get busy. 

The staff has always been friendly and the hotel guests I send there as a Concierge/Travel Agent have always been pleased. It's nice to add some variety to the mix of food as seafood is king in Fisherman's Wharf.

Well done, Surisan!

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  1. Love the post Bernadette! Great review of Surisan (OMG, that Sangria...! That bacon...!) and thanks for making me famosa!


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