Battle of the Fishes

Though not completed, I have yet to find the best Fish & Chips on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I haven’t had a chance to do write ups from my New York, France and Santorini trip in September but I do recall having the best Fish & Chips whole at the airport in Dublin, Ireland. Yes, at the airport. It was crispy and the fish pieces were huge! Delicious.

On Jefferson Street, Find this restaurant at the corner of where the street car turns onto Jones. I sat at the bar as I normally do and went ahead to order the Fish & Chips. 

The lounge area had a stage and lighting but the bartender said they don’t do live music. You can hear tourists passing by and dining outside.

The fish arrived and the fish was breaded and flat. Not a fan of tartar sauce, I dipped my fork in it to see if I’d like it. Nope. The fish was ok, not very warm and could be mistakenly as have come out of a yellow box. I didn’t finish the dish. 

My good friend, Nelson, was interested in doing a food truck business and Off the Grid is quite popular. There are a strip of food offerings from food trucks permanently placed on Jones with pizza, Acai bowls, ice cream sandwiches, schwarmas and fish and chips at The Codmother. One time I tried to eat here, the long line was not going to work with my timeline. I came back and had the chance to order something: just the basic fish and chips. 

It came in basket lined with paper and the pieces were thick and long and not covered in bread crumbs. Lemon and tartar sauce by request was provided. Both the fish and chips came fresh out of the fryer and crispy. It was so hot I couldn’t enjoy them immediately. The fish was flaky and had a flavor the other place didn’t. Maybe it was the dense amount of fish that was able to hold some of that flavor, or was it marinated in something? I’m not sure. But it was good!

I swear it’s not because I work in the hotel where this restaurant is housed but these were the best of the three  dishes. My coworker works about a 8-minute walk from here and makes it a point to come to The Blue Mermaid for their fish and chips. I thought he was crazy before but now I’d have to agree. It’s pretty darn good. It has that crispiness you want, the chips are garlicky and with some seasoning. Again, not a fan of any tartar sauce so it’s not the Mermaid’s fault. It’s a meal and will fill you up! If not, get their Crab and Corn Chowder. It’s my favorite. Tip: Come to the Concierge desk and say hi. We have a coupon with for this chowder with a purchase of an entree. Everyone loves savings, right?

Any other challengers I should have on the Wharf? Let me know! 

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