Sushi & BBQ - Tex Wasabi’s

When you realize the last two photos you post on your foodie Instagram profile (@WereHungryToo) with you in them is also with one of your best friends and at Tex Wasabi’s in Santa Rosa, California, it deserves its own blog post.

After an afternoon of checking out her wedding venue and her new business, ACT, we needed grub to talk details about her wedding. And it’s best over food! When you can’t decide if you want sushi or BBQ, Guy Fieri combines the two!

I thought it was weird at first but I really like trying unique sushi rolls. These were definitely unique and I also had the ribs and the tator tots. It’s not just available in your school cafeteria nowadays. Find tator tots on the menu even at places like the Douglas Room in San Francisco. These are a must, by the way. Tell Brian and Chef Glenn I sent you!

After some chopsticks to mouth action item, I think you can do more heavy lifting with their mint pie. Nikki really wanted this and when you sign up for their newsletter, you get a free one. We all could use more emails and calories, right? YOLO. Just sayin’. I was never a big fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Can you tell by my face? 

If you’re looking for more fish, dive in and get a fishbowl cocktail. They’re 50% off on Tuesdays.

Tex Wasabi was made by NorCal local, Guy Fieri. You know, the spikes blonde hair guy on DDD and Guy’s Grocery Games. During the Napa Fires, I heard he set up camp at the fairgrounds and fed all the first responders. What a wonderful heart he has.

Go try some unique food creations and support Napa and Sonoma counties to recover from the fires. I will gladly do so! Especially if I get to hang out with this girl.

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