First SF Giants Game of 2018

It's a new season and it's baseball season. The last time I went to a San Francsico Giants game was sitting in the bleacher area for the last game of the season I think in 2016. I was with coworkers, Cristen and Nick, and had a good time. But thanks to my friend, Nelson, he took me this game against the Diamondbacks. They were originally purchased as a retirement gift for our friend, Sandra, but she is getting some rest and taking care of her health. I was lucky enough to be thought of as a replacement.

My day started at 4:45 AM to get ready, drive Bevo to Happy Hound for day care as I was going to be out late, drive to a mid-way point between A&T Park and Fisherman's Wharf, work my 8.5-hour shift at the Concierge desk at The Argonaut Hotel, change into my Giants gear and make my way back to my car to drop off my Shredz gym bag and continue my walk to Momo's. It was an almost 10-mile walk kind of day.

Momo's is the restaurant right across the street from the ballpark with a patio. It's a popular spot and thankfully Nelson got there early to grab a high top on the patio. I was parched and at first was just going to start with a cider, but knowing it was going to be busy, I just went ahead and got my usual: a Jameson on light rocks. And then we finally got a chance to catch up. I haven't seen Nelly since we worked out together. He kicked my butt.

On top of the liquid calories, I had a salad and ordered the mac n cheese with intentions to share. Nelly ordered the fried calamari. We were clearly both done with the #250KChallenge by  I ate up the salad. I worked up an appetite for the long walk. Thankfully the M&C wasn't very good so we both didn't eat much of that. I opted in not having any of his calamari. I have had well over my share of fried foods.

After a second round, it was time to get the ballpark. I'm so thankful for Nelly asking me to go to this game. I have been pretty stressed out lately with the huge financial setback I have been dealing with. I haven't been able to go to the gym on a regular basis, I'm looking for ways to find extra money while still promoting my business and promoting sales with my current job and painting the guestroom before and/or after work before my new roommate moved in. It's a lot to deal with. As One Busy Bee, I can handle a lot but the stress of having to make up $10,000+ was taking a toll. Nelly said I needed a break. This was his way of allowing me to. I'm a very social person and I haven't had a chance to do much. He knows me pretty well and knows how I work and what frustrations I've been dealing with the past couple of years. He sees all my social media posts and saw one I posted of me having Chex for breakfast. He said he thought to himself that that was not me. No, it's not. I am doing all I can to cut spending to make up what I loss. I absolutely hate being on a budget. I am way too bougie to be on a budget. This day allowed me to do so. I was able to have a good time, let loose and have some fun. This pic explains it all. "Yup, Bern's been drinking."

Then we got to our seats. Row 3?!? Really!?! Nice! What a way to kick off the season. It was pretty awesome. And the weather was incredible! Normally San Francisco has a chill, wind and definitely jacket kind of weather. I was having a great time not having to be bundled up. But I was missing whiskey. So I made a run to get some for both of us. Before I left, I realized I didn't have a ticket. The guy next to me said not to worry that I had charisma. They'd let me down. Thanks, Guy. I forgot his name, damnit. But just to be safe, I took a photo of Nelly's ticket.

With whiskey in hand, awesome neighbors, the Giants playing, had a churro (not as good as Barcelona) and having a good time, it was worth it and much needed. We had to walk to my car, go pick up Bevo and drop off Nelly in Downtown Oakland. Thanks, Nelly!

And GO GIANTS!!! Contact me to get discounted tickets and get your butt to a game!

****April Daily Challenge ****
Day 11


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