The Royals on the Amalfi Coast

No, not the soon-to-be married Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Though this Event Planner hopes to tune into their wedding on May 19th this year, I'm talking about the show The Royals on E. The series is on its fourth season and I love it! Maybe it's just me but I would want to believe you can be a Princess and not be perfect like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. I love Princess Eleanor, played by Alexandra Park.

Finally catching up with the current season, the first episode had Princess Eleanor traveling the world, trying to escape the heartache with Jasper and working on a hotel project called Hoteleanor. I love to travel, am One Busy Bee to not be reminded I'm missing out on a fairy tale kind of love and I have always had a fascination of hotels and love the luxe life.. Am I finding that a Princess and I have more in common that I thought? One of the shots in this episode was her along the Amalfi Coast. They filmed at The Amalfi Cathedral and I remember seeing it in textbooks as soon as my Cugino and I came across it while in Italy in 2012 and HAD to get my photo on the steps. In the show, Princess Eleanor wandered alone and also climbed those same steps and had a moment alone.

Whether traveling alone or with loved ones, I think it's pretty cool to see places on screen of where you have personally been. Good luck to the Brits that will be anxiously awaiting a glimpse of the Royal newlyweds. I hope one day, Princess Eleanor and Jaspar, someone of non-Royal blood by the way, will get to live that fairytale too. Bloody hell, I wish it for myself!

If you're a loyal Royal fan, who is your favorite character and why?
There's a lot of blog posts of solo travelers, would you do it? Where would you go?

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