Paint Night

Usually, when I go into Home Depot, I always get looks like 'Where's your husband?' Haven't you heard? I got rid of that cheating, dead weight a long time ago! This One Busy Bee doesn't need a man to fix her life. I've troubeshooted my dryer, my ceiling fan and know when it's beyond my basic knowledge of home repair and called the needed professional. With a newly vacated guest room, I had to paint it.

After reading a "How To" pamphlet in the paint section of the store, I went to the lady behind the counter and said I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. She assured me that painting white on white should be fine and provided me recommendations. Paint was thrown in the cart along with the other necessary items totaling $166, fyi. Plus some caulk to reseal some creases in my shower stall.

Areas to be painted were wiped down of dust and spiderwebs, lingering fingerprints, etc. Then tape was applied to the edge to the door trim, plastic was thrown down to avoid getting paint on the carpet and my handy hand bucket and small brush was put to work.



I stayed up until 1 AM finishing the front of the doors and the trim for the bedroom and closet door, plus the window sill. Painting is quite a task! Now I definitely want to do my whole condo. It needs it and it's well overdue.

To the ladies that make a tool belt look hot and can swing that sledgehammer for home demos, you're a bad ass. One day I'll be just like you.

What was your recent home improvement project?
What's next?

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Day 5


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