A (Working) Weekend at Union Square

As a Concierge for a small company covering desks of multiple locations in San Francisco, I am sometimes at a location I don't have too much time at. I am normally at a location in Fisherman's Wharf but this weekend, I was at Union Square where you can shop for high end fashions, wait in line for a cable car ride and stay at beautiful hotels.

Near the cable car starting point is the Powell Street Bart station where I stop for my commute from the East Bay. I walk up three or four blocks depending on which location I am scheduled to be at and start my shift as a Concierge. As a Certified Travel Agent and Concierge, you have to know about your surroundings, where people should dine, get good cocktails, go for live music and more. As a blogger, running the @WereHungryToo Instagram account and have almost 20 years (eek!) of Food and Beverage industry experience, I like trying new restaurants.

Sears Fine Food
Located on Powell Street directly across the street from the beautiful Kimpton Sir Francis Drake Hotel is a restaurant with counter seating, tables and booths. I sat at the bar as I normally do and was served by Eddie, an older, friendly gentleman. He pointed out that it was Happy Hour and there were meals at a discount. I skimmed the menu as I took a sip of water and went with their Fish and Chips. Did you see my previous post of fish and chip dishes on Fisherman's Wharf? 

The plate arrived and looked crispy. It came with fries, cole slaw, tartar sauce and lemons. As I do, I dipped my fork in the sauce and it was something I would eat. Call me crazy but I think I like the tartar sauce out of a plastic container you get at the grocery store. I dipped the brown, crispy piece of fish into the sauce. Not bad. I eventually ditched the sauce and shredded up the fish and drowned it in malt vinegar. I definitely ate all of the fish and the cole slaw. It was not mayo based so I was all over that. Upon paying, you get a token to win food for a year. Sadly, I will have to continue paying for my food here.

Tad’s Steak
I love breakfast. When you commute at least two hours a day, feeling hungry and having to wait for a break is not fun. Oh, sometimes I miss the benefits of working at my own desk where I can multi-task with working and eating a duck confit salad (from a place we do not speak of anymore.) I stopped into Tad's as John's Grill was not quite open yet. When you walk in, you find that there are chickens on rotisserie immediately to your left, cooks doing their thing behind a counter, the menu is on the boards high on the wall, you place your order for breakfast, sandwiches, steaks and more with the cashier before you sit down. You self-serve your own water and silverware and pick a table.

I wasn't too hungry but ended up ordering two over-medium eggs with bacon, which was extra, with potatoes and wheat toast. They give you a tray with one strawberry and one grape jelly to go containers and a vibrating buzzer when your food is ready. The dining room had plenty of seating and the ceiling is high. Funny to see two cherubs suspended from the ceiling. My buzzer came to life and I retrieved my food. The potatoes were salty, the bread lightly toasted as I like it and the eggs cooked perfectly. The bacon was crispy but overcooked to where it was pretty hard. Not bad of a breakfast.

I took my best friend here for her birthday dinner in February. We were staying the night at the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake Hotel and partying at the Starlight Room on the 21st floor. We had a good time that night. Dinner was nice. I love whiskey and ordered their peach whiskey cocktail but it was way too sweet and just opted in for my usual, Jameson, very light rocks. We had quite a bit of food. We had the octopus which Christy braved to try. I love octopus. We had ravioli two ways with their marinara and lemon cream sauce, brussel sprouts and their carpaccio and a delicious complimentary dessert for her birthday. I think that was my favorite part of the meal.

However, to stay on topic, I had a late lunch at Scala's this weekend with their late fare menu. I went with their caesar salad topped with salmon and it was delicious.  used to always get caesar salads everywhere I went. This would have to be one of my favorites as of late. Trevor, the Manager, was very friendly and helpful. Aya, the server, was also very friendly. 

Other places I like to recommend to my hotel guests are places where I have friends at such as the Mystic Hotel, where Chef Justin Pruett has created some excellent dishes. Don't forget to say hello to my dear and lovely, Morgan, the bartender. Love her! Be sure you take good care of her. I also enjoy The Douglas Room. Great cocktails and the tator tots will take your drinking self back in time to school lunches but with a sophisticated twist. No ketchup needed.  They also have a rooftop where they can do special events. Let me know if you'd like to book something there. Pictures to come in a separate post. I also like sending guests to Bar 587. Zachary, the Bar Manager, makes amazing cocktails. And then there's The Treasury, one of the best bars in San Francisco. Say hello to the General Manager, Ryan Hall, and his beautiful fiance and Bartender, L.T.

I hope to hear from you if you need any help with recommendations. Do let me know what your experience was like if you have been to any of these locations.

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