Because You're Worth It

Not one, but two, beauty products valued at around $20 total was sent over by Influenster to try it, because I'm worth it and I share the info with all of you. Not a bad exchange, right? My hair didn't fall out and my skin didn't break out. So we're good!

Bevo loves selfies. Can you tell? Necklace by Stella & Dot, top by StitchFix

The first was the L'oreal Elvive hair oil. 'Hmmm,' I thought at first. I don't ever put oil in my hair. Well, if I want to keep getting goodies in the mail from Influenster, I better try it out. Per the instructions, I can use it in the shower or I can add it to my hair after I shower. I tried it that way and I just added it to my strands not so close to my scalp. On the rare occasion that my scalp gets a little oily, I don't want to add to it. I left it in, let it air dry and I didn't have to do much throughout the day. It didn't feel heavy or dried out. AND, Ms. Stranger Things and Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael (remember that one?), Winona Ryder, starred in a TV ad for it during the Golden Globes I believe. OMG, we use the same product! Thanks, Influenster.

The next product I received was the Revitalift Cicacream for anti-wrinkle and skin barrier repair. This 37-year-old isn't getting any younger so it's worth a shot to keep my skin maintained. I recently went to the Mac Cosmetics store on Powell Street near Union Square recently to get more eyeliner and a concealer because this One Busy Bee has been working like crazy. The CSR who helped me, Jessica, I believe her name was was also from Hayward. I told her I don't do foundation or anything to my face. She said I had great skin and I didn't need it. That's awesome! She didn't try to sell me any. She applied the concealer while I sat at the make up station with mirror and awesome lights and felt like a movie star, say Winona Ryder. I was sold on the concealer. I was also sold on this cream. It was very light and without a greasy feel. It was easy to dispense and easy to apply. Use it before adding anything else to your skin and at night. It 'fights wrinkles, resist signs of aging, firm skin and hydrates.' I'll take it!

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