I Double Doughp Dare You!

If you're following my blog, (thank you and I love you,) you'll notice I haven't posted a while about cooking (see Plated post). Nor have I baked. But I do love me some cookie dough. Now I can get the sweet goodness without the wrist workout from Doughp located on the second level at Pier 39, near the California Welcome Center where I sometimes work.

Thanks to Northern California native, Kelsey Witherow, we can now enjoy multiple flavors of her cookie dough with fun names such as Fluffed Nuts (peanut butter and mashmallow fluff-infused dough) and Basic Betch, a pumpkin spice dough for you Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte lovers. Far from basic, I'm sticking with the original. I dare you to try it. It's just what I want and now I can get it whenever I want to indulge. As a Concierge, I have coupons for buy one get one scoop half off. Come find me to save!

Take your scoop, double or triple scoop (we don't judge, we drool) and sit in their parlor, on their balcony and people watch or take it while wandering Pier 39 or 'awww'-ing at the sea lions at the end of the pier. Hold your cone tight while riding the carousel or have your neighbors stare with envy as you enjoy the free performances throughout the day. Wherever you get Doughp'd up, I assure you it'll be a high point of your day.

I am always happy to promote new small businesses, but especially ones owned by women! Remember my Women Wednesday events? I hope to start those back up so stay tuned! When we women aren't making what a male makes for the similar responsibilities, no wonder we just want to go into business for ourselves and take control. I encourage you to get your delicious calories in and support Doughp, because you are what you eat!

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