Getting M.Y. China On

This is definitely not 'mall food.' M.Y. China is located on the fourth floor of the Westfield Shopping Center near Union Square and it deserves top ratings. The "M" "Y" stands for celebrity chef Martin Yan. Chef Yan has been on cooking shows, has cookbooks and even founded a culinary academy in China.

I have dined here a few times. Happy Hour is Monday thru Friday from 3-6 PM. Get some great specials. Sit outside in the atrium, at the bar with a large bell hovering over a selection of liquors or in the main dining room while you watch the chefs prepare your delicious dishes. You may also book a private event here with menus starting at $55 per person. 

My most recent visit was earlier this week with my dear friend, Julia. We first started off with drinks at Dada and because we always enjoy our time together, we kept the party going. She needed to make an exchange at the nearby Nordstrom Rack and I was craving Asian food. Julia recommended M.Y. China.  I have been on the mission to try new restaurants to blog about but she was right, they have great food and a nice, hot soup would help my cough. 

We sat the bar as I normally like to do. Thankfully there were two seats left. We ordered the large won ton soup and debated on an additional item. Julia disclosed that she used to dine here often and has even taken her niece here who loved it. She says we should come back! I concur. The won ton soup was just what my body needed. Normally I do not add any of the hot oil but I think my body needed to sweat a bit. Because I'm Filipino, I also added some vinegar. It was delicious.  

We finally decided on the Mu Shu Pork Tacos made with boar. How appropriate that it comes with two - one for each of us. Julia asked for plum sauce and I followed her lead. I cannot remember the last time I had mu shu pork but I do remember that I used to always want it at every Chinese restaurant we went to as a child. I remember it was a ritual to go to a Chinese restaurant near my grandparent's house in Martinez, California when it was our weekend with my father. This dish took me back to my childhood. It's amazing how food can trigger those sort of memories.

Another memory I have with M.Y. China was being at the Yelp Headquarters in San Francisco during a Yelp Elite event. I was there representing another company and M.Y. China was serving food and doing a demonstration of making very, very long noodles. It was very entertaining and the Yelpers love it.  Do you Yelp? I'm going to get back to it. Let's be friends! ( 

THIS is my #Instafriend. Find us dining together. This is from the pop-up dinner with Chef James Cruz.

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