Fast & Furious on the Bay

Vin Diesel was born in Alameda County in the San Francisco Bay Area. A $5 million dollar racing boat, USA 76, competed in the 2013 America's Cup. They go hand-in-hand right? This boat is available for day sailings, sunset sailings beginning in May and private charters. I am a lover of Vin Diesel since Pitch Black and being able to book a $3,200 private charter for 20 guests on this vessel would be just lovely to this Event Planner. Be sure to contact me to book!

During a recent training on the product, the group was told that zero guests have gotten seasick on the vessel. Three guests that did get sick have but confessed it was due to their alcoholic consumption the night before. I definitely will not be doing that for my first sailing on April 28th with a few friends.

I am trusting the Sales Representative and giving this a go because the experience sounds so cool, doesn't it? I get motion sickness on BART sometimes and have to drive or sit shotgun in a car. The last time I got motion sickness was on the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood. I had to close my eyes and tell myself it was almost over to not freak out. It was not a good situation. 

I am aware that I cannot ride catamarans. I lovely cousin in Kauai got us on a sailing along the Napali Coast where we snorkeled and saw sea turtles. On the way back, the sail went up and I felt sick and had to ride the boat on the back looking out at the horizon. 

I am fine on cruise ships. My recent vacation aboard the Oosterdam by Holland America was great. I was very comfortable but still felt like I was on the ship about two weeks after I returned to land. I am crossing my fingers that I am not on this sailboat for 2.5 hours feeling miserable.

I look forward to reporting back to see if I channeled my inner Vin Diesel! However, if you'd like to join us, there is still space for the April 28th sailing at 2 PM. I would be happy to book you. Please email me!

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