My First Influenster Box

I qualified?! I received a box of beauty goods with a retail value of over $250 from Influenster. My job is to use the products, write reviews and share them via social media.

Here is what I received!

My favorite product I received was the Aquis hair towel. My hair goes down to my butt and though on the smaller side, it wraps majority of my hair.  My Instafriend said she has had one or two for years and loves it. I use it every time I shower.

The next product I love is the Brow Food eye brown combo of powder and a pencil. The powder works so much better than a pencil because it's on eyebrow hairs, not entirely on your skin. It darkens your brows up. I enjoy it.

The next favorite is the Julep 'Boost Your Radiance' oil. Sometimes my skin gets pretty oily depending on where I am so putting oil on my face seemed like I was definitely going to get some pimples. I did but but a few weeks in, it hasn't happened again. There is no scent to it and it is easily dispensed

The other item I use every day is the Dermalogica eye cream. I have four jobs so I am very tired. I need an eye cream that lightens dark circles and helps smooth developing lines. It was a good size product and with a device to ensure I get all of the product out of the tube. Take note, toothpaste companies.

I was also given bottles of Ouidad shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. I do not have curly hair but used it to see if it moisturized my hair and left it feeling clean and soft. Not so much. I'm going to give it to one on my staff.

The last product was a powder and a brush by Sigma that I haven't used because I don't wear that sort of stuff. I'll also be giving this to one on my staff.

How did I get an Influenster box? I signed up on the website, filled out a profile, reviewed some items and answered a survey for their latest box. I was happy to have received it! I've been a user for over a year. After a few completed surveys saying I don't qualify, I gave up. I don't even remember requesting this particular box but I'm glad it came! Try it out!


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