#AshtangaYogaChallenge - July 2017

I remember first trying yoga when I was still in college when a few of my coworkers and I would gym hop by using their free trial days. I remember going to a gym and didn't like how the older man was touching the people in class. Before he got to me, I got up and left.

I have also tried hot yoga with my cousin. I drove out to Sacramento after a night of partying. I got up early and I wasn't supposed to eat before this class but I had to pull off and pick up food - McDonald's of all things. I was also a bit hungover but I didn't want to flake on my cousin. I did what I could in the class. I was incredibly uncomfortable and hot and not in the mindset that this class was supposed to be beneficial to me.

Then recently in Kauai, I tried a booty yoga class with my cousin who has been attending for awhile. It was really fun and I had a good workout. It was a bit more hip and a faster paced. I like boxing, lifting weights and that was more my style.

As of late, I have been feeling like my age is catching up with me because I'm going a million miles a minute, now working four jobs and I am unable to relax during my last two massage sessions. I absolutely cannot turn off my brain because I want or need to do this, that and that.

At a recent luncheon to introduce my travel companions to Paris this September, Lisa and Mercedes, Lisa mentioned a yoga challenge she's participating in. Mercedes was in! I was hesitant and didn't commit at first. Then during my latest massage, I again couldn't relax and decided as I was lying there that I was going to sign up and commit.

The 30-day yoga challenge is to sign up with Omstars.com and post a photo of the pose everyday or post something related to the challenge and use the appropriate hashtag and tag the correct accounts. I signed up as soon as I got home, paid the $14.99 and started watching videos to learn about the company and the non-profit it supports.

So here are my posts!

Day 1

Day 2
Snapchat - 'bappletree'

Day 3
Leggings by Lularoe

Day 4
Happy July 4th!

Leggings by Lularoe - Stars by Snapchat 'bappletree'

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

 Day 8


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