Friday SOMA Adventures - July 2017

We love Hooch. My Instafriend and I used it twice this week. Hooch is an app where you pay $9.99 a month and redeem free cocktails once per day at participating bars and restaurants. DW uses it and I signed up. I signed up Instafriend and I earned a free month. If you use my code '94aeef', your first month is $1. If you're in San Francisco, this app will pay for itself in one visit. Most cocktails are in the $12 -$14 range, so happy Hooch-ing and saving money. Don't forget to tip your bartender!

When Instafriend and I go out, we try to go to different places to try new spots and use our Hooch free drink! We wished Hazel was a participating restaurant. We love that place. This time, we decided on trying Elixir in the Mission at 16th and Guerrero.  I walked towards her house from DW and 'picked her up,' if you will. It was such a warm day and walking after about a block, I joked to see if she would rather take an Uber. She considered it because it was so warm. Or, we could go to Wish between 11th and 12th on Folsom. We opted for Wish.

On our way to Wish, we stopped off at a boxing gym and inquired about classes. We took a look at the schedule and the one that would fit my schedule and would be more interesting to me would be the boxing class on a Thursday at 5:30 PM. The first class would be $15, normally $25 per day, and depending on your package, the cost could be $130 per month. That sounded pretty steep for me with doing more yoga and just increasing my 24 Hour Fitness membership to more than one location. Then David gave us class passes for our first class being free. We took the card and headed towards Wish.

Another detour had us inside City Lights, a showroom for, y'know, lights. They had a lot of interesting and cool fixtures but as big as their showroom was and as many CSRs that were present, no one said hello or goodbye to us the entire time we were there. It takes two seconds to say hello.

We got to Wish and it looked closed. We were 9 minutes early so we went across the way and went to The Willows. I have been there once before and remembered they had two bars. See thru the glass wall to where they stock their back up liquor. Turn left and you'll see tables and chairs, a pool table, a TV, pinball machines, their bar and a DJ area.


We went with two cocktails, the pork belly donuts and the carne asada fries. My cocktail was a beautiful purple color, made with whiskey and hibiscu sand heavy on the foam. Instafriend's Impeachment cocktail was lacking ginger beer. The pork belly donuts were obviously friend but sadly, disappointing. The dough was not cooked thru. Majority was left behind. The carne asada fries were a hit. Good choice, Instafriend!

Next stop was what should have been our first stop: Wish. I jokingly said hi to City Lights as we walked by again as I was positive they wouldn't say hello either way. Wish was now open for almost an hour and a few guests were already at the bar. We grabbed a seat along the wall and went to the bar to order our Hooch drink. The blonde gal behind the bar didn't know what we meant. The woman wearing the Bond Bar shirt knew. Bond Bar was another participating Hooch bar. Our orders were placed and we picked them up. The Honey Comb cocktail was made with Four Roses bourbon, lemon & bitters. It wasn't mind-blowing but hey, we tried! Girl chat continued, left our tip and went our separate ways.


This was the adventures with Instafriend and I Hooching it up! Stay tuned for future posts.


  1. I love low key girls nights like that! My best friend's drink was always some kind of sangria, and I always got a mojito. Lol we didn't branch out much with drinks. Also, that Hooch app is an awesome deal.

    1. Thanks, Jess, for the comment! Girls' nights are needed. Hey, if you like what you like, it works out! Hooch is growing. Hopefully it comes to you! Have a great day!

  2. This is such a cool idea! Love a good cocktail!

    Carla x


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