#StillInIt - Week 1

I lost TWO pounds in one week! That's pretty good when I'm trying to lose 10 in total. My body fat percentage, BMI and body measurements decreased but my muscle mass has increased. I have been dedicated to working out every day, hitting my 10,000 steps, eating better and limiting myself to one drink per week. I am ready to take on Week 2. But this is what it took.

I took my measurements in the morning before I hit the gym and met up with friends to check out wedding venues and wine taste in Sonoma County. I am scoping out venues for my cousin's June 2018 wedding and gaining my knowledge of local venues. I indulged in cheese and charcuterie, wine, pasta and dessert. I had plans to wake up by 4:30 or 4:45 AM the next day so I can start the challenge and my day off right. I was glad to be home by 8 PM so I could meal prep steak, brown rice and stuffed mushrooms and in bed at a reasonable hour.

I used to wake up early to hit the gym so I know I could do it. I turned on two alarms on my phone and placed it in my bathroom to charge at that outlet so I would be forced to get up to turn off the piano alarm. It worked. I was at the gym by 5:30 PM.

I love BodyRock HIIT videos and I think it goes well with my goals of losing fat and getting some cardio in between lifting weights, which I love. I did jumping jacks in between sets, plate twists for abs and deadlifts, sumo squats and good mornings for legs. I only had 24 minutes of cardio but I got some in.

I lifted a total of 4,800 pounds.

My roommate who used to be a Personal Trainer and has been going to the gym even earlier than I have been going told me that I should make sure I snack, especially if I'm using up all my energy with an early work out. So I picked up some goodies from 24 Hour Fitness. They were having a special for 5 for $9.95. I picked these bad boys up. The guy at the front counter said he really liked The Complete Cookie so that's why I picked up more of those than the OhYeah! bars. I do want a cookie sometimes. I can't lie. 

Snapchat - 'bappletree' - Earphone by Apple. Gym - 24 Hour Fitness. Shoes by Brooks.

Same schedule but did 450 crunches, and worked on chest with two different kinds of chest presses and butterflies. Cardio for only 14 minutes. I believe I was running late.

I lifted a total of 4,950 pounds.

It also just happened to be WorldPenguinDay, one of my favorite animals. I looked down at my wrist and I was wearing my Alex & Ani penguin bracelet I was gifted for assisting in planning a friend's bridal shower at DW, my FitBit of course and my Shredz barbell bracelet. 

That night was also my first attempt at being social during this challenge. I went to Tacolicious for the first time in the Mission and met up with fellow blogger, Mitzi. We were chatting about doing an event together and I was so pleased to have met her during our Women Wednesday events at DW. I had the Marina Salad with a jalepeno vinaigrette and the asparagus per her recommendation, with a watermelon fresca. Everything was delicious! I think I did pretty well in eating rather healthy. I love sour cream and I love drinking. No mezcal flights for me this time! Seven weeks to go!

Same schedule and worked on arms with barbell curls, hammer curls, concentration curls and abs with plate twists, seated leg tucks and reverse crunches. I opted for the bike for cardio for 15 minutes.

I lifted a total of 1,890 pounds.

The top was new and given to me by my new friend, Lisa. So much boobage, especially after chest day.

Snapchat - 'bappletree' - Earphone by Apple. Gym - 24 Hour Fitness. Shoes by Brooks. Blender Bottle.

Thursday & Friday
I went to the gym but am not sure what I worked on as I didn't have a chance to log the sessions onto the Bodyspace app. I was a bit tired on Friday. I have the photo to prove it. But the arms look good. Thanks to the lighting.

Snapchat - 'bappletree'  - Blender Bottle - Zip up by Puma.
Snapchat - 'bappletree' - Earphone by Apple. Gym - 24 Hour Fitness. Shoes by Brooks.

I did have a drink at the opening of Hazel Southern Bar and Restaurant though.

I now have my weekends free so I was happy to have a 2-hour sesh at the gym. I was able to sleep in and like everyone else, I prefer it to be more on the empty side. Some people have no gym etiquette. Like the guy decided to leave his stuff by the pull down machine. Thinking he was somewhere and in the middle of the set, I used the machine next to it. He came back, asked I needed it, tried to say we could switch off and I had to tell him twice that I'll wait til he's done. Then he plays his music on a little speaker for everyone to hear. Yo, Dude, this isn't your garage. I am not interested in your ghetto fabulous music. It's interfering with my country. :) By the way, your form is terrible. OK, I'm not ranting.

I worked on back with plenty of rows, lat pull downs which I am obsessed with tightening up, butterflies, then abs and an hour on the cardio machine.

I lifted a total of 4,500 pounds.

That evening, I meal prepped and made parmesan lemon pepper and garlic zucchini, cabbage and sausage. It was tasty.  Thanks, Pinterest.

Snapchat - 'bappletree' - Car - Honda.

I got up later than I should have today and was going to take my Lola to church afterwards. I was pressed for time and didn't spend as much time as I wanted to there. I took my measurements that morning and felt good. I made progress! I also tried the Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Birthday Cake cookie. It tasted a whole lot better than the other cake one. 

I did mountain climbers in between sets and air bikes in between sets, clean and presses, single leg deadlifts with shoulder presses, jumping jacks with an elevated platform in between and 47 minutes of cardio.

I lifted a total of 1,800 pounds.

Snapchat - 'bappletree' - Earphone by Apple. Gym - 24 Hour Fitness.

I used to have a goal of lifting a total 1 million pounds and then I would reward myself with something pretty. Well, I prematurely already did that in October when I was in Milan. I bought two designer purses. So, I really need to reach that 1 million mark before October. I think I can do it.

So here's to Week 2! If you're participating in the challenge, let's connect! I am 'bappletree' Good luck!

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