I won $5 from the Monopoly game thru Safeway! It came in one game piece too. Are they all like that? There are 800,000 $5.00 prizes. I'll take it. Along with Monopoly, I have redeemed other Instant Winner game pieces for extra game pieces but have also gotten Pop-Tarts, Open Nature Greek yogurt, Signature branded whole kernel corn, an avocado and french bread from their bakery. Free food? Yes, please!

I also attended a seminar at the Yelp office in San Francisco where they were raffling off a food photo shoot for restaurants. I didn't win the shoot but I did win a swag bag with pint glasses. A lady's name was drawn before me. She was able to choose from the swag bags with coffee mugs or pint glasses. I joked with Rachel that she was crazy and that I still had a chance! And I won!

I continue to enter contests. While listening to the radio, they mention keywords you text to a certain number to win $1,000. I could definitely put that money to good use. Today I searched Maui condos on Zillow for fun. One day.

What is the biggest prize you have won?

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