SF Giants Opening Day 2017

I wish I could say I went to the SF Giants game but I couldn't. I usually work from home on Mondays but I had a friend that I met on a European cruise in town so I went into work to meet her and her daughter for dinner. I did rock my 'Nemo'-like Giants jacket though.

Having to work, I also didn't watch the game or follow it via social media. I'm a fan but it's not my life. My life is all about reaching my goals, traveling and creating great experiences with good people. I did just that on a Monday.

I hit the gym, went to work, confirmed some events, booked my trip to Paris & New York City for my birthday, had dinner with Patti and Samantha, saw my favorite nurses, had Bob's Donuts via an Uber pool ride, went to Tosca for the first time and popped a lot of strip club cherries for my Chef's last day.

Here's a good season! Baseball and many other things.

This is #11 of 30 daily blog posts to hit 10,000 hits in one month. I did the same challenge in April 2016. Thank you for visiting and please check back tomorrow and share anything you like!


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