So Ha Hood

Ever thought about doing more for your community? I have been coordinating and promoting monthly Women Wednesday events at DW in San Francisco and I tie in giving back to a local non-profit. I have been wanting to find a way to volunteer but it is difficult to commit with my schedule. I would need something flexible.

I was forwarded an article by my friend that runs about the abandoned Mervyn's building in my neighborhood that will be torn down and residential properties will be built. There are homeless people using the unsafe structure as their homes. They will be kicked out. They won't have many places to go. I also remember an article about a homeless man in my neighborhood that was found dead one winter. It's very sad.

On Instagram, I follow HaywardThrives and find some great and informative posts about where I live. To start, I am a member the Hayward Area Historical Association which costs $40 a year and is tax-deductible. I like the Cannery Cafe, mainly for their daily scrambles and their potatoes. Pretty good. Besides that, I came across So Ha Hood (@sohahood). Angela reached out and we had a conversation this week about their efforts, how to gain more restaurants and to pick my brain as being in the industry.

A lot of ideas were thrown around and I am amazed that this woman has a full time job, has only lived in Hayward for less than a year and already wants to make a difference. Very cool. I hope I can contribute and make a difference in this town.

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