Well, I guess I'm going to Paris! I haven't been to France since 2012 and we only had a layover at the Paris airport. I am looking forward to learning a bit of French, seeing the Eiffel Tower, going to the Louvre and drinking wine in Burgundy and Bordeaux.

I also met a Twitter user in real life recently while she was in San Francisco on holiday by herself. She's in Paris and we hope to meet up again! I told her that when I get my condo in Hawaii, we'll do a house swap. Looks like I won't have to wait that long to see Paris. I had hoped I would be in the romantic city when I was in love but hey, I guess I can't have everything! I'll be in love with my life and in the moment.

If you have any travel tips, do share!

Here are some photos from Toulon, Provence.

Loved the balconies

This caught this Wedding Planner's eye for sure.
Seafood salad was delicious
My Cugino got the steamed mussels and frites. And always reppin' the SF Giants.

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  1. The train from Paris to Bordeaux is just 2 hours! I hear that train tickets sell out like airline tickets.


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