National Beer Day 2017

There's a national day for just about everything nowadays right? But I am A-OK with having a National Beer Day. Who's with me?!?

I was about to head home and have water with DW's spot prawn special with a delicious pasta but I remembered what day it was! I looked over our menu of 52 beers and was going to try something new but wait! Karl Stauss' award-winning Queen of Tarts sour is still available. How could that be? It's so damn good, therefore it's expensive at $13 a glass. No brainer. I want the Queen!

When I first tasted it during the Karl event at DW during SF Beer Week, I was blown away. Yeah, yeah, yeah, awards. It can't be that amazing. I will always admit when I'm wrong and boy, was I wrong. It's so damn good. It's like a those grape fruit rolls on that sticky clear plastic that you find in the produce area. If there's a way to my heart, it's with Fruit Rolls. Kudos to the ex-boyfriend that gave me a heart-shaped box filled with strawberry Fruit-By-The-Foot. 

And that's how I celebrated National Beer Day, with Queen Karl. Cheers!

Did I mention I got an Untappd badge? Let's be friends 'bappletree.'

This is #8 of 30 daily blog posts to hit 10,000 hits in one month. I did the same challenge in April 2016. Thank you for visiting and please check back tomorrow and share anything you like!


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