SoCal & Disneyland Bound

In the morning, I am headed to Southern California to meet up with my best friend, her boyfriend, her friend and my niece and nephew to go Disneyland for her birthday. I haven't been to Disneyland in 10 years and haven't really had a desire to go. I do enjoy Disney movies and loved seeing The Lion King on Broadway and meeting the cast when it was here in San Francisco at The Orpheum Theater. However, I chosen to spend my money on traveling to other destinations.

Like my Los Lonely Boys, who I have seen about 70 times (see LLB Concert Log), I don't realize how excited I am about what's happening until it's here. I am excited to finally spend some time with my best friend since she started a new job and seeing the expressions on my niece and nephew's faces for their first experience at 'The Happiest Place in the Earth.'

Follow the adventure on SnapChat at 'bappletree' and some food items on Instagram via @WereHungryToo. Contact Me if you have a restaurant or children friendly spot to be in one of my next travel posts.

Here's some shots of meeting Pluto, Goofy and Mickey in 2007.


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