Manila Bowl - San Francisco, CA

Newly added to The Market at 10th Street and Market in San Francisco, is a Filipino counter called Manila Bowl. It opened last week with a set menu and daily specials. I was one of the first 50 folks to check in via Swarm.

As a Filipino, I do not have rice with every single meal as most of my family members do and I definitely do not cook Filipino food. I don't crave it but I do now! Manila Bowl's Pancit Palabok is the best I have ever had. I now know what I'm having for lunch or dinner on Tuesdays. It is absolutely delicious.

I also tried their pork sisig and their briskette. I am not big on solid fat with my meals. My family loves the 'taba' on meat aka fat. I trim my chicken of every piece of fat when I cook for goodness sake. The flavors were good but I gave most of the bowl to my Office Manager who is half Pinay and my Floor Manager, Nick. They loved it.

The Chef, Ariss, has five restaurants in New York and he, the owners and staff are incredibly friendly. Go check them out! If you're there on a Tuesday, I might just see you. Get the Palabok!

Located at 1355 Market Street at The Market.


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