#250KChallenge 2017 - Week 4

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And now for Week 4. Monday. After the Mt. Diablo hike of almost 5 miles and partying in heels that evening, I didn't do much leg work. I thought I needed to switch it up with some Bodyrock HIIT videos at home because I didn't make any progress last week. In fact, my scale said I gained weight. Not good. The evening was a lot of whisky drinking for my holiday party but MBT and I had snacks at Honor Bar in Emeryville, CA beforehand and I opted for the broccolini. Veggies!

The next day was brutal with going to be bed at 3 AM and having to be at work by 11 AM for a private event. Not remembering that I was there so early, I worked an 11-hour day and I just wanted to go to sleep. No work out on Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday was another no gym day but more work out at home. In the evening, was one cocktail with some other lady bloggers and two beers at The Beer Hall for a Meetup. Yeah, I know. My diet sucks.

SnapChat: bappletree. Had that sports bra since high school. Adidas.

My drink is the one on the far right but here are some DW cocktails. Wearing Stella & Dot of course.
Meetup at The Beer Hall in San Francisco
Friday, I did hit the gym with abs, back, a little tris, shoulders and an hour of cardio. I was going to blog while on the stationary bike but the Fitbit Workweek Challenge was happening and I was slacking.

Saturday was the day to stay home. I woke feeling a bit congested and tired. I slept in and decided to get up. After all, I'm headed to Kauai in three weeks. I need to get a work out in. So I did, at home, while The Man in the High Castle was playing. Abs were sore from yesterday so I didn't do as much, did a little back, butt and arms. I haven't had a drop of alcohol today. I actually have to think about whether or not the statement of saying that would be two days in a row would be true or not. It was also a day to not spend any money as a goal. I made my easy breakfast of a whole grain English muffin with reduced fat crunch peanut butter. Dinner was brown rice, scrambled eggs and Teriyaki Spam. I know, the sodium. I think I am really excited for Hawaii.

SnapChat: bappletree. Sports bra by Victoria's Secret.
Sunday was weigh-in day and I finally made a little progress. I think mixing in HIIT at home is doing some good. I came in third in the FitBit Workweek Challenge but it's OK. I'll take the numbers moving over bragging rights. I was also watching the Amazon Prime show Z: The Beginning of Everything with Christina Ricci during this workout, just like yesterday. I need to keep up with eating well today. We'll see how that goes.

With @BevoTheBoston
To Week 5! And three weeks exactly until Hawaii!


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